Heroic Journey of Ne Zha (哪咤 降妖 记) Synopsis And Cast: C-Drama

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"Heroic Journey of Ne Zha" also known as "Legend of Nezha" is the latest Chinese drama airing on the Hunan TV channel starting June 18, 2020 every Monday and Tuesday at 10 P.M. The drama was also broadcast via online web streaming on the Youku channel. Produced by Haoju Films directed by Sin Ming Ko. Filming took place for three months at Hengdian World Studios and Xiangshan Global Studios.

The story of Nezha itself is also very famous in Chinese mythology. This Chinese Drama tells life to his adventures. Starring Angelina Jiang from the Chinese series "Love of Thousand Years", Wu Jia Yi, Dai Chao, Nicole Zhu and Shi Ming Ze were members of the idol group Desert5 who played in the Intense Love drama as Xu Jia Wei.

Synopsis of Heroic Journey of Ne Zha

Tells of the legendary mythical story from the adventures of Ne Zha (Angelina Jiang), the son of general Jing Ling with the little dragon girl in the east sea, Xiao Long Nu (Wu Jia Yi). Although initially they were enemies, but gradually the two worked together to kill monsters and defeat the power of evil spirits. After seeing a lot of people's suffering due to the drought that never runs out, NeZha did not hesitate to face the water tribe to fight Ao Bing (Peng Shi Teng), the third son of the King of the East Sea Dragon.

Legend of Ne Zha
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Because of the scheme planned by the demon clan, NeZha was framed for the death of Ao Bing. The Dragon King was angry, came to demand justice for the death of his son. Not wanting to involve his parents, Ne Zha decided to commit suicide. Ne Zha itself is the bead of the soul and his fate has been written by heaven. Using magic, Taiyi Zhenren used the lotus root of his bones as well as the lotus leaf, he revived Nezha. It did not run young because there is a price to pay. Ne Zha must enter the mortal world to retrieve five magical relics.

Then He also needs to help little dragon girl Xiao Long Nu defeat the demon snake to rebuild the water tribe again. By doing that, He will be able to make amends and then reunite with his family. How does the ending of the legendary adventure from NeZha? Can He go through all this?

Detail of Heroic Journey of Ne Zha

Title: Heroic Journey of Ne Zha / Legend of Nezha
Genres: Historical, Romance, Fantasy
Country: China
Director: Sin Ming Ko Producer: Yao YuZhu
Screenwriter: Wan Hong Ren
Production: Haoju Film
TV channel: Hunan TV, Mango TV, Youku
Number of Episodes: 50
Airing Period: 18 June 2020 - 2 July 2020
Showtimes: Monday and Tuesday, 22:00

Cast of Heroic Journey of Ne Zha

Angelina Jiang as Ne Zha
Li Yi Hang as NeZha (Young)
Wu Jia Yi as Xiao Long Nu
Arale Cui Ya Han as Xiao Long Nu (Young)
Dai Chao as Mo Ang Nicole
Zhu SehngYi as Xiao Jing Ling / Huo Liu Li
Cui Tian Yi as Hun Tian Ling
Hu Ling Meng as Shen Huo Nu
Gao Zi Qi as Yang Jian Tao
Yi Xi as Shui Jing Ling
William Tim / Ding Xi He as Duan Wu Zhuo
Zang Hong Na as Yang Shen
Xia Yan as Yu Ji Zhou
Shi Qi as Gui Nu
Han Shuai as Ao Jie
Wei Wei as Feng Huo Lun
Mou Feng Bin as Li Jing Shi

Refference:    www.zixun.hunantv.com

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