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Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel Starring In the New Series Sen Çal Kapımı

Actor Kerem Bürsin took his followers to the set of Sen Çal Kapımı through his social media account. Bürsin posted a short video from the story section of his Instagram account to his followers.

Kerem Bürsin, who returned to the sets with Sen Çal Kapımı, which she shared with Hande Erçel, shared a video he took on the set of the series from his social media account. As filming of the series, which began recently, continues at its final speed, Bürsin shared a video of a moment handcuffed to Hande Erçel.

Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel will star together in the series came to the first frames. Disappointed with his latest series, Hande Erçel is preparing for her new series with Kerem Bürsin. Photos of the duo, who will co-star in the new series Sen Çal Kapımı, were released for the first time. Fans praised the duo, while on social media he turned two famous names.

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The other day, Hande Erçel, Kerem Bürsin and another actor of the series, Melisa Döngel, met in conference for reading rehearsal. Kerem Bürsin was the first to leave the reading rehearsal. After Bürsin, Melisa Döngel left the office. Hande Erçel, who left the office last time, chatted with reporters on her feet.

We just met the actor Kerem Bursin, who said they had just met his partner in the series. "She's so sweet, she's extraordinary. I'm so happy to work with her," he said. Read Also All Episode of Sen Çal Kapımı


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