Love a Lifetime (暮白首) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Love a Lifetime (暮白首) is the latest Chinese drama Romance and Fantasy genre that will air starting June 18, 2020 on the iQiyi drama web channel.

This Chinese Drama produced by Wanda Pictures, worked on by Ren Hai Yao. All scenes in the film were made at Hengdian World Studios. Filming took place since February 2, 2019. The drama will have a duration of 50 episodes.

Starring a line of well-known young actrors-actresses from China, this drama presents Allen Ren, Zhang Hui Wen, Li Yi Tong "SNH48" and Lin Yuan who became LingXi in the Chinese Drama Love Designer.

Download and watch "Love a Lifetime" English subtitles can be done through the application or web streaming of iQiyi online drama for free.

Synopsis of Love a Lifetime

Tells the story of a man with two identities Nalan Yue (Allen Ren), falls in love with a good girl Rong Hua (Zhang Hui Wen), but has a complicated bond because of the past of the previous generation the two of them.

Rong Hua traveled far to find a healing tool that had been lost "Chi Hua Zhu" to support the efforts of her father Rong Jing Feng (Lu Xing Yu). On his way, Rong Hua often gets into dangerous situations, but he is always saved by Nalan Yue (Allen Ren).

Love a Lifetime Chinese Drama
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Without them knowing, the two families actually have a relationship of revenge and hatred. On the other hand Nalan Yue and Rong Hua fell in love at first sight, they wanted to use the sincerity of the day to convince the older generation to get rid of the hatred of their hearts in the past.

A plan once again resulted in injuring the Nalan clan, finally they began to move. At that moment, Nalan Yue inevitably had to become the successor to the demon martial arts technique.

Rong Hua remained loyal and believed when Nalan Yue overcame the evil in her. In addition, the two also worked together to eliminate the Ming sect, and expose Rong Jingfeng's crime to the world to bring peace back to the world of martial arts. How does the next story end of their love struggle? Will both be able to end happily?

Details of Love a Lifetime

Title: Love a Lifetime / 美人 暮 白 首 / Mei Ren Mu Bai Shou
Genres: Drama, Wuxia, Fantasy, Romance
Country: China
Director: Ren Hai Yao, Lin Jian Long, Liu Zhen Ming
Producer: Yin Xiang Jin
Screenwriter: Han Pei Zhen
Production: Wanda Pictures
TV channel: iQiyi, Youku
Number of Episodes: 50
Airing Period: June 18, 2020

Cast of Love a Lifetime 

Allen Ren as Na Lan Yue / Lin Jing
Zhang Hui Wen as Rong Hua
Li Yi Tong as Rong Su
Terry Guo as Lu Yi Zhou
Lin Yuan as Mo Huan
Lu Xing Yu as Rong Jing Feng
Shao Wei Tong as Mei Ying
Zhang Yan Yan as Lin Ruo Han
Zui Zhong as Bai Wei Zhi
Wu Jia Ni as Zi Yan
Shen Qi as Xuan Ye
Yu Zi Yang as Mei Xue Man
He Liang Ou as Rong Feng


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