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Love Me don't Think Too Much Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

Love Me don't Think Too Much (爱我就别想太多) also known as Don't Think Twice, Love's All Right is the latest Chinese drama that will broadcast on Youku starting June 25, 2020. This romance genre of Chinese Drama follows the romance of a middle-aged CEO with a young fashion designer who has been in a distant age. Starring the famous actor Chen Jian Bin of the Trident drama, Li Yi Tong has starred in the Chinese drama series "Bloody Romance" and Pan Yue Ming as the main player.

The series tells the story of hundreds of millions of group chairman Li Honghai and costume designer Xia Keke. After the two met by accident, a series of ridiculous stories happened.

Li Honghai, a billionaire, wanted to find true love that did not come for money. He accidentally met Xia Keke, a smart and beautiful young designer. Li Honghai concealed his identity and interacted with Xia Keke. The two fell in love and got married. Xia Keke already knew her net worth, and then angrily filed for divorce, but for the company to go public, the two had to maintain their husband and wife status for several months.

Synopsis of Love Me don't Think Too Much
The Plot about the story of a chairman and man is quite age by having a lot of wealth wanting to find true love. Until one day his unintentional encounter with a young designer continued into the romance beyond their even age status. Li Hong Hai (Chen Jian Bin) wants a woman of true love but not motivated by greed and money. When he met Xia Ke Ke (Li Yi Tong), a beautiful and intelligent designer, Li Hong Hai hid his true identity.

love me don't think to much

They were both dating and finally married. After Xia Ke Ke's wedding, she realized that she married a wealthy billionaire. But this angered him for his ignorance of his claim to divorce. In this position, they had no choice to keep the appearance of each other as husband and wife over the next few months so that their company became a publicly traded company (Go Public). Would the end of the story later Chen Jian Bin with Li Yi Tong really parted? Or instead they will be able to take care of each other for good?

Details of Love Me don't Think Too Much
Title: Don't Think Twice, Love's All Right/
Love Me don't Think Too Much/Brave To Love/
爱我就别想太多/Ai Wo Jiu Bie Xiang Tai Duo
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: China
Directed by: Cao Hui Sheng,
Han Jie Producer: Bai San San
Screenwriter: Han Jie, Hu Ping
Production: Haixing Media, Huayu Shidai, Kuangmutian Yingshi
TV Channel: Beijing TV, Dragon TV, Youku
Online Platform: iQiyi, Sohu Video
Filming Location: Beijing 
Number of episodes: 41
Each episode length: 45 minutes
Airdate: 25 June 2020
Showtimes: Every Thursday at 14:30 CST

Character Cast of Love Me don't Think Too Much
Chen Jian Bin as Li Hong 
The group president of billions of people wanted to find true love that did not come for money, concealed his identity and interacted with Xia Keke. After the marriage, Li Honghai realized that Xia Keke had already known his net worth, and then angrily proposed a divorce.

Hai Li Yi Tong as Xia Ke Ke 
The quirky costume designer has a straightforward personality and a little self-willedness. It differs from Li Honghai in personality, age, and social status. It seems to be a "gold worshipping woman", but actually yearns for pure love.

Pan Yue Ming as Mo Heng Xu 
Li Honghai's close friend and legal advisor to Li Honghai Company is extremely rational in his feelings, pays attention to the spirit of contract, and uses "love agreement" to manage his feelings, but the situation is frequent.

Wen Guang as Xia Da Sheng 
Xia Keke's father. The wife died prematurely and raised her daughter alone. She regarded her daughter as a pearl and opposed Xia Keke and Li Honghai's love. Later, they were moved by their sincerity and accepted Li Honghai.

Zhou Zhi as Xue Ying 
The owner of the jewelry store, the status of a strong woman, made her believe in the supremacy of interests, and communicated with Li Honghai for Li Honghai's economic strength, and used all kinds of wrists to make Li Honghai believe that he was not in love with Li Honghai's money, but was defeated before being married.

Zhang Shu as Li Ya Zhao 
At the age of thirty, the magazine editor is good at French. As an older woman left, she is under pressure from her family and her own psychology.

Kong Song Jin as Shen Wen Wen 
Cao Ran Ran as Bu Guo Qiang 
Miao Yun Tong as Tan Lin 
Shu Zhen as Meng Hui 
Lin Xi as Zhang Na 
Deng Yang as Zhang Jian 


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