Mr. Honesty (不 说谎 恋人) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Mr. Honesty (不 说谎 恋人) is a Romance Chinese drama airing from June 29, 2020 on WeTV every Monday to Wednesday at 7 P.M. This Chinese Drama by Tencent Penguin Pictures will be 31 episodes in duration. Adapted based on the online manhua series "Bu shuo huang lian ren" and the initial title of this film is "Don't Lie To Your Lover".

Directed by Li Yan Qing, filming for 3 months of filming took place in the city of Suzhou. Beautiful and famous artist Liang Jie became the main player, She appeared in the drama You Are My Destiny as Chen Jia Xin. Now her acting opponent is Xin Yun Lai, besides this Chinese series also presents Liu Hai Kuan, Minyee Chen with Luo Qiu Yun. For you want to download and watch "Mr. Honesty" English subtitles can directly use the WeTV application or watch online on the drama streaming web.

Synopsis of Mr. Honesty
The story of the life story of Xu Yi Ren (Liang Jie). She experienced serious problems after losing her career as well as her boyfriend in one night. Her close friend named Xia Di (Minyee Chen) suggested that she enter an architectural firm as an assistant CEO. After getting her friend's recommendation, Xu Yi Ren tried to interview, but at that time she also realized that the company's CEO was Fang Zhi You (Xin Yun Lai).

Mr. Honesty Synopsis And Cast
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How shocking! Because Fang Zhi You is a man who has uncovered the secret of Xu Yi Ren's boyfriend's affair in public. Finally the interview did not go well. But for some reason suddenly it was decided that Xu Yi Ren was accepted as his assistant and got the job. Then she was told to complete a strange task which is lying to her boss.

But Fang Zhi You's tendency to expose his lies in public always makes her into a difficult situation. Many things happened to them, so that the lie slowly caused feelings of love between the two of them. How does the romance story of Xu Yi Ren and Fang Zhi You go next? Will the two of them be destined to be together?

Details of Mr. Honesty
Chinese Title: 不 说谎 恋人 (does not lie Lovers)
English Title: Mr. Honesty/ Don't Lie To Your Lover
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: China
Filming Location: Suzhou 
Director: Li Yan Qing
Producers: Li Er Yun, Tang Xuan, Chu Fei, Lin Yi Jie, Gordon Chan
Screenwriter: Guo Shuang
Premiere Time: June 29, 2020 
Starring: Liang Liang Jie, Xin Yunlai, Liu Haikuan, etc 
Production: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Xirui Culture
TV channel: Tencent Video, WeTV
Episode Count: 31 Airing Period: 29 June 2020 - 13 July 2020
Showtimes: Monday - Wednesday 19:00

Cast of Mr. Honesty
Liang Jie as Xu Yi Ren
Xin Yun Lai as Fang Zhi You
Minyee Chen as Xia Di Liu
Hai Kuan as Li Zhe Luo
Qiu Yun as He Yu Wen  
Wu Ji Feng as Gu Bo
Wei Jin as Yu Qing
Roy Wang as Liu Tian Yang
Liu Luo Xi as Chu Lin Xiang
Ao Yu as Luo Yang
Tu Ling as Hu Fen
Fang Si Zheng as Gao Ming
Su Zi Shan as Sha Sha Ye


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