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Sai Shang Feng Yun Ji (塞上 风云 记) Synopsis And Cast: C-Drama

Sai Shang Feng Yun Ji (塞上 风云 记) is a Chinese historical genre series starring the handsome actor Han Dong, who played in the drama The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, then there were Xu Fan Xi, Ma Qiu Zi and Li Guang Fu who were the main players. This Chinese drama was directed by director Lin Feng and the location of the shooting was done in the city of Zhangjiakou.

"Sai Shang Feng Yun Ji (The Forbidden City)" is produced by CCTV and Zhangjiakou Duchuang Culture Communication Co., Ltd., directed by Lin Feng. The series appeared in the legendary inspirational drama of the era co-starring Zhang Ningjiang, Ma Qiuzi, Wang Yu and Kan Yu. The series tells a wonderful and moving story of how a generation of Confucianism insisted on business in the face of the crisis of the homeland, and how to stick to business and move the world.

The series was broadcasted on CCTV's TV drama channel Golden Strong on June 12, 2020. And broadcast simultaneously on iQiyi, Youku and Tencent videos. The comprehensive channel of CCTV will be broadcast on June 21, 2020.

Synopsis of Sai Shang Feng Yun Ji
Tells about the preservation of the dream of Confucianism during a crisis by upholding the right values ​​in trade in the midst of pressure through the figure of an honorable man and an awakening of Industry to Chinese National Trade against Western influence. Centered on exploration in an area called Zhangjiakou, close to the end of the Qing Dynasty early in the era of the Republic's formation.

Zhangjiakou is the second major port in China after Shanghai with more than 1,000 cosmetic traders, nearly 50 percent of whom are foreign traders. Lyu's family is one of the four big traders in the region. But many conspiracies took place after the death of the head of Mr. Lu's family. Finally his youngest and favorite grandson named Lu Jun Jie (played by Han Dong) chose to go home after working abroad and realized that he had been excluded as his heir. 

Sai Shang Feng Yun Ji Cast
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Because Lu Jun Jie's older brother conspired with Japan to share their inheritance. Lu Jun Jie was forced to use his own mind to overcome the downturn to expand his business to Nanyang and America. As time goes by, Lu Jun Jie is now starting to feel homesick and decided to return home. Now Lu Jun Jie has found the true mastermind who planned the downfall of his family business in the past. He tried to fight and bring down his enemies.

Details of Sai Shang Feng Yun Ji
Chinese Title: Sai Shang Feng Yun Ji ( 塞上 风云 记)
English Translate: The Forbidden City
Genre: Historical, Legend, Inspirational
Country: China
Filming Locations: Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Zhangjiakou
Director: Lin Feng
Producer: Xue Ji Jun, Wang Zi Nan
Screenwriter: Ma Jun Xiang, Liu Xuefei
Production: CCTV-8
TV channel: CCTV-8, Youku, iQIYI, Tencent
Number of Episodes: 48
Length of Each episode: 45 minutes
Airing Period: May 18, 2020 (First) | June 12, 2020
Showtimes: Monday - Sunday 19:30

Cast of Sai Shang Feng Yun Ji
Han Dong as Lu Jun Jie
Xu Fan Xi as Sun Que Xi
Ma Qiu Xi as Sun Qi Yun
Liu Pei Qi as Qu Da Zhai
Li Guang Fu as Dou Tong Yu
Sa Ri Na as Bu Lu De Niang
Du Yu Ming as Huo Wu Chang
Wang Yu as Lu Jun Shan
Yang Jun Cheng as Bu Lu De
Kan Yu as Chang Xi Cheng
Li Yuexi as Yi Pian Hong
Zang Jin Sheng as Yuan Daren
Zhou Ming Shan as Chang San Ye
Zhang Ning Jiang as Qu Shi Nian
Li-Chun Lee as Lu Ba Fang
Wen Yu Juan as Wang Da Niang
Chen Xuan Ming as Di Liu Liu
He Xiyao as Cu Zhi Wang
Yong Quan Jiang Yi Sheng Ma Wei


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