Symphony's Romance (蜗牛 与 黄鹂 鸟) Synopsis And Cast: C-Drama

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Symphony's Romance (蜗牛 与 黄鹂 鸟) is the latest Chinese drama genre Comedy and Romance will air from June 21, 2020, every Monday to Sunday at 8 pm. The Mandarin series was adapted based on the Manga titled "Nodame Cantabile".

The manga has also been made into a Korean drama titled "Naeil's Cantabile", starring Joo Won with Shim Eun-Kyung. As for the cast in this Chinese drama are Steven Zhang from the drama series "Skate Into Love" and Jelly Lin who previously starred in the drama Beautiful Reborn Flower.

The initial title of the film is "Cantabile Youth", directed by director Liu Jun Jie. This drama will be up to 40 episodes and ends until July 13, 2020. Reportedly the drama "Symphony’s Romance" English subtitles you can watch on WeTV.

Synopsis of Symphony’s Romance

Tells the story of an elite student from the piano department named Li Zhen Yi (Steven Zhang). As a talented student, he has a dream to become a famous musician and rule the world. Zhen Yi even got an invitation to study abroad, under some of the greatest music masters in the modern world. But he was haunted by his past to go and step into the wider world. He suffered severe childhood trauma, when he was trapped in the world of demons and was unable to escape. Until finally he met with meeting Fang Xiao Wo (Jelly Lin), the figure of an eccentric woman in many ways.

Symphony’s Romance cast
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Fang Xiao Wo is a talented pianist, as well as an uncontrollable style of music and many extraordinary talents even exceeding Zhen Yi. Fang Xiao Wo has a strange behavior. Although he has a strange personality, Zhen Yi is even more interested in him. They both find the bond of one another through music until love begins. With Fang Xiao Wo, will the end of the story be able to heal Zhen Yi from his past scars? Will He dare to step for a brighter new future with Xiao Wo?

Details of Symphony’s Romance

Chinese Title: 蜗牛 与 黄鹂 鸟 (Snail and the Oriole bird)
English Title: Symphony’s Romance
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Country: China Director: Liu Jun Jie
Producer: Lu Yun
Director: Liu Junjie
Screenwriter: Shi Yue, Li Jie Studio, Fu Jiao Jiao
Production: EE Media, Z-The True Age, Yuan Media, Mango Excellent Media
Filming location: Shanghai, Paris
TV Channels: Hunan TV, iQiyi, Mango TV, Tencent Video, WeTV
Number of Episodes: 40
Length of Each Episode: 45 Minute
Airing Period: 21 June 2020 - 13 July 2020
Replay: Monday - Sunday, 20:00 CST

Cast of Symphony's Romance

Jelly Lin as Fang Xiao Wo
Steven Zhang as Li Zhen Yan
Ning Huan Yu as Tain Yi Song
Li Ning as Fei She Er
Fang Yuan as Jiang Cai Wei
Tino Bao Yang
Chen Liu Qian
Wen Chen
Jing Yang


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