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The Legend of Jinyan (凤 归 四时 歌) Synopsis And Cast: C-Drama

The Legend of Jinyan (凤 归 四时 歌) is the latest Chinese drama genre filmed by the Tencent Penguin Pictures production house airing from June 17, 2020 on WeTV every Wednesday to Friday at 8 P.M.

This Chinese Drama is adapted from the novel "Fei Shang Bu Ke (妃 上 不可)". Starring beautiful  actress Kabby Hui and new actor Chen Jing Ke as the main cast.

The drama produced by director Sun Kai Kai will last for 36 episodes. You can Download and Watch "The Legend of Jinyan" English Subtitles for free on the application and web streaming online drama WeTV.

Synopsis of The Legend of Jinyan

Tells the story of a brave and kind young girl named Jin Yan (Kabby Hui). She is the daughter of a general. Accidentally when entering the palace he met with the young emperor Xiao Yu (Chen Jing Ke) who was always surrounded by many enemies.

He thought that Jin Yan was a palace maid until he suspected him of being a spy. Xiao Yu is an arrogant man and brother of Xiao Qi (Ryan Zhang). He also disputed because of a girl. On the other hand Wen Suyu (Zhao Yaoke) married his younger sister.

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Although initially Xiao Yu and Jin Yan always quarreled with each other, eventually it gradually became in love. Together they overcame many difficulties, having a sweet love story while working together for the country and its people.

What is the end of the story of the next Princess Jinyan relationship? Will the two be united and face every obstacle?

Details of The Legend of Jinyan

Title: The Legend of Jinyan / The Story of Princess Jinyan /
凤 归 四时 歌 / Feng Gui Si Shi Ge
Genre: Historical, Romance
Country: China
Director: Sun Kaikai
Producer: Yue Li Na, Guo Jing Yu
Screenwriter: Liu Siran
Production: Tencent Penguin Pictures
TV channel: Tencent Video, WeTV
Number of Episodes: 36
Airing Period: June 17, 2020
Showtimes: Wednesday - Friday, 20:00 WIB

Cast of The Legend of Jinyan 

Kabby Hui as Jin Yan
Chen Jing Ke as Xiao Yu
Ryan Zhang as Xiao Lang
Zhao Yao Ke as Wen Su Yu
Li Ying as Dowager Empress Tai Hou
Liao Hui Jia as Rong Jing
Zhou Yi Ran as Zhong Li
Guan Chang as Consort Wen Fei
Wang Hao Ge


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