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Ay Yapim has formed a very strong lineup for the series Alevlerin Ardından (After The Flames). In September 2020, the director of the series, Ahmet Sheer, will be screened, while the screenwriter will be Burcu Görgün Toptaş, who wrote the series Kuzgun (Raven). Demet Evgar, Hazar Ergüçlü and Berker Güven will be among the major names in the cast of the series.

Ahmet Sheer, the director of the series, is one of the staff directors of Ay Yapim. Ay Uapim's latest projects Ask 101, Sampiyon and Carpisma series Ahmet Katiksiz took part as the director.

The Series Alevlerin Ardından (After The Flames) series is likely to be a series of Atese Kosnlar (Firefighters); Limon Film Izmir female firefighters before the story of the fire runners worked for the series, but the series could not be released.

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Ay Yapim is counting down the days to come to the screen in a new series. We will share the news of the new series After The Flames with you on this page to the cast. After The Flames series cast, characters, channel and subject by sharing with you on this page will present detailed information to our curious viewers.
Alevlerin Ardından Production
In recent months, the season finale of The New Production of Babylon and Çukur series produced by The Moon Production has set sail for the new season. After the flames, ahmet sheksiz in the director's chair of the series was confirmed to sit. After the flames, the preparation work continues for the new series signed by the moon production, which is finalized as its name.

Alevlerin Ardindan
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Synopsis of Alevlerin Ardından

The subject of the series, which is about the events that occurred after a fire. That's the original subject of the adaptation series "Le Bazar de la Charité". In Turkish, the event will probably take place in Istanbul.

"It's 1897, location paris. The elite part of Paris came together at a fundraising event. As the event continues in full swing, a fire begins and within minutes the covered kermes area is engulfed in flames. The tragic incident resulted in hundreds of dead and wounded. The remarkable point is that almost all of the dead are women.

The entire first section is reserved for the fire and the fire before. From chapter 2, we focus on the events that develop after the fire. Lies, games, desires, disappointments, romantic turmoil... We have the opportunity to watch the stories of three women who have to make important decisions in their lives in the middle of all this".

Cast of Alevlerin Ardından

Demet Evgar
Demet Evgar, born in Manisa on May 19, 1980, Demet Evgar graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory theatre department and won many of his acting skills on theatre scenes. Demet Evgar, who made her first work on the white screen with the film Gunesi Gordum (I Saw the Sun), made her biggest debut. Demet Evgar has managed to make her name known to the world with Avlu (The Courtyard) series.

Hazar Ergüçlü
Hazar Ergüçlü, who was most talked about with her love with Onur Güçlü, who is 21 years older than her, was last again featured in Ay Yapim's Hakan Muhafiz and was very popular. 

Berker Güven
Berker Güven, who was one of the country's most popular lead actors with his portrayal of Nedim in the series Zalim Istanbul, was actually noted for his portrayal of Aleksi in the tv series Vatanim Sensin, and Berker Güven, who was born in Istanbul in 1994, has a very fit body. Berker Guven, a graduate of Bilgi University's Department of Cinema and Television, was first noted for his love with experienced actress Ipek Bilgin, the daughter of Çağ Caliskan.

Bahar Şahin
Born in Ankara in 1997, the young and beautiful actress had her first acting experience in 2015 when she became a series of My Life. He later appeared in the films Best Game, my Companion 2, which was later in the film. He also appeared on the High School Patrol, Fortune series. Finally, bahar Şahin, who came to the fore with her character Cemre in Zalim Istanbul series, was eye-catching with her acting.

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