Dance of the Sky Empire (天 舞 纪) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Dance of the Sky Empire (天 舞 纪) is the latest Chinese drama in the historical, Romance and Fantasy genre produced by iQiyi, airing for the first time on July 8, 2020. The entire film scene is done at Hengdian World Studios. Filming lasted for 4 months, worked by Director Zhao Jin Tao. 

Rows of famous and young actor-actresses from China also starred in this drama series. There is Xu Kai from the drama Arsenal Military Academy, Wu Jia Yi, Song Yi Xing, Li Jun Chen and newcomer actress from Uyghur Hani Kezi who made her debut through this series. To download and watch "Dance of the Sky Empire", English subtitles directly use the iQiyi application and its online web streaming drama be watched for free.

The series is based on the online fantasy novel of the same name by the Internet writer Bu Feyan. It tells the story of Li Xuan, an overlord of Qingtian City, and Su Yulian, a young girl who has left her hometown and came to Tianqiguo to complete her mission. Finally, after experiencing challenges with a group of Moyun students, we finally ushered in the story of a new era of peace.

Synopsis of Dance of the Sky Empire

In the background of the prosperous Tang Dynasty, the era was the coexistence of human beings and demon races. In addition, the focus of this story will be on the number one academy in Great Tang, the place called MoYun. However, it is said when a school student will be a catalyst for the return of King Satan. Even a half human and half demon named Li Xuan (Xu Kai) is nothing but lowly for others accepted at the academy. 

Dance of the sky empire
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Li Xuan's presence was said to have broken worldly peace. He tried to protect his different lineage. In the process it develops complicated feelings for Su You Lian (Wu Jia Yi) is nothing but a spy of the demon clan and of his human lover Long Wei'er (Yu Xin Tong). When Li Xuan finally became a hero to the people, he had to face a big dilemma because he had to decide where to be loyal, for humans or the demon tribe. How does the next story of Li Xuan's life end? What will he determine next? And how is he related to the two women of Su You Lian with Long Wei Er?

Detail of Dance of the Sky Empire

Title: Dance of the Sky Empire 
Chinese Title: 天 舞 纪/ Tian Wu Ji/ Dance of the Sky
Year Production: 2020
Genres: Historical, Romance, Fantasy
Country: China
Film Location: Hengdian
Director: Zhao Jin Tao
Screenwriter: Ms. Fei Yan
Production: Perfect World Pictures, iQiyi, GHY Culture & Media
TV channel: iQiyi
Number of Episodes: 28
Length of Each Episode: 45 minutes
Airing Period: July 8, 2020
Showtimes: Wednesday

Cast of Dance of the Sky Empire

Xu Kai as Li Xuan
Wu Jia Yi as Su You Lian
Hani Kezi as Yun Shan
Yu Xin Tong as Long Wei Er
Li Jun Chen as Yu Feng Mu
Ma Qian Qian as Cui Pian Ran
Song Yi Xing as Cui Yan Ran
Zhou Jun Chao as Xiao Feng Ming
Wang Jia Yu as Zhang Song
Zhang Ceng Ceng as Feng Changqing
He Zhong Hua as Zi Ji Han Dong


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