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Episode 3 Bay Yanlış (Mr Wrong): Turkish Drama

The new 3rd episode trailer of Bay Yanlış (Mr Wrong) has released! What happen in the 2nd episode?

Bay Yanlış is the second time he's on the screens tonight. he met with the audience. The new romantic comedy of the screens, the new 3rd episode has also been released. Ezgi realizes her mistake and moves to correct things. Here's the new 3rd episode trailer and episode summary ...

Can Yaman and Özge Gürel starring FOX TV's exciting series Bay Yanlış (Mr Wrong), Friday evening 2nd episode came to the screen with the last episode. Although Ezgi makes a deal with Ozgur to regain Serdar's love, things change unexpectedly. Ezgi, at the end of the business, begins to settle with himself. It's the third time in the romantic series. New episode trailer has also been released. Who are the players?

Ezgi learns that she was cheated on at her surprise birthday party with her boyfriend Soner. The difficult times for Ezgi have begun again. Ezgi, who had to leave the house where she lived with Soner, would lose her job in the meantime. This process will make new decisions. Now Ezgi will stay away from men and find the right man. The person who will help her in her decision is her new neighbor Ozgur, who is literally wrong.

The names of the cast of the new series Bey Wrong are as follows: Can Yaman, Özge Gürel, Fatma Toptaş, Cemre Gümeli, Gürgen Öz, Serkay Tütüncü, Sarp Can Köroğlu, Taygun Sungar, Feri Baycu Güler, Suat Sungur, Lale Başar, Anıl Çelik.

Bay Yanlış (Mr Wrong) Episode 3
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Ezgi wants to be reunited with Serdar to make up for her mistake. She asks Cansu to arrange another meeting. This time she is determined to be right and impress Serdar. And for that, she needs Free. That's why she accepts Free's offer. They make a deal. Ezgi will act like Ozgur's lover for one night, and in return will learn from Ozgur what he must do to impress Serdar. But what they're doing is going to have different consequences in both of this agreement.

Bay Yanlış (Mr Wrong) Episode 3 Trailer:
Ozgur, and Ezgi canceled the agreement, but it was the words of Ozgur, who hurt Ezgi. The biggest support for Ezgi, who is in pain, comes from her cousin Cansu.

Bay Yanlış (Mr Wrong) Episode 3 Summary:
Ezgi and Ozgur, who last fought and cancelled the deal, are shocked when they find out they're going to work together. Their anger towards each other is not like they will be listened to, and Ozan who witnessed these moments does not know what to do. Ezgi's work there is very important for Ozan, even if she talks to Ozgur and tries to make things right, she can't be very successful. 

Meanwhile, Ezgi is expecting a second shock. In the face of this incident, Ezgi interrogates herself and thinks she's been mistreated to Ozgur. She wants to make amends with Ozgur, takes her breath with him. Ezgi's desire to come to the wedding makes Ozgur happy. They're both prepared to set out to play a game, unaware of what's going to happen to them. Read Also All Episode of Bay Yanlış (Mr Wrong)

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