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Has the new 5th episode trailer of Bay Yanlış (Mr Wrong) been released? What days are it running? What happen in the last episode?

The new series of screens, with the episode aired yesterday on FOX TV screens. In the published episode, Cansu and Deniz were shocked when they learned that Ezgi went to Gocek with Ozgur. The show was also at the peak of excitement. The new episode trailer has also been released, watch the trailer here ..... 

The series was released on the evening of July 17, 2020. was on screens with the episode. Can Yaman, Özge Gürel, such as the series of actress, what happened in last night? New 5th episode trailer has released. Here are the details that are curious...

With the end of the series, the new episode trailer began to be explored by viewers. The series which opens on Fridays, is the first of its most prominent. section came to the screen. Here is 5th episode trailer and episode summary of the series ....

Bay Yanlis Episode 5
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What happen in the last episode?
Cansu and Deniz were shocked when they learned that Ezgi went to Gocek with Ozgur as part of an agreement. Although Ozan noticed the pot he had broken at the last minute, he had to explain everything under pressure from Deniz. Cansu and Deniz were not comfortable, but they went after them because they feared Ezgi would fall in love with Ozgur and went to Göcek.

Meanwhile, ezgi and Ozgur fell on a desertisland as a result of their setbacks, waiting for a day full of adventure and tension, while friends and families who could not reach them panicked and searched them everywhere.

Bay Yanlış (Mr Wrong) Episode 5 Trailer:
A new episode has been released. Here's the fifth episode: 

Bay Yanlış (Mr Wrong) Episode 5 Summary:
Ezgi and Ozgur, who met Serdar in Göcek, start to think about what they will do when they find out that Serdar will attend Ebru's wedding. His friends try to come up with ideas and help them get over the wedding without incident. 

Sevim and Nevin, meanwhile, get along very well, and soon, under Fitnat's direction, they start to plan to take care of Ezgi and Ozgur. Ezgi and Özgür also pretend not to fit each other in order not to upset their families. This makes the families doubt about the marriage of the two. Will this game of Ezgi and Özgür be successful?
Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong) is on FOX on Friday at 08 P.M. with the new 5th episode!

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