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Episode 6 Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong): Turkish Drama

Has the new 6th episode trailer of Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong) been released? In the last episode; Ezgi and Ozgur, who met Serdar in Gocek, start to think about what they will do when they find out that Serdar will attend Ebru's wedding.

The series which aired on every Friday evening, showed the fun moments experienced by Ezgi and Ozgur, who learned that Serdar would attend Ebru's wedding in Göcek. After the last episode, the audience's eyes were turned to the trailer for the new episode. Well, has the new episode trailer been released? Here, the details about the latest episode summary and the new episode trailer.

Fox TV screens and Can Yaman and Özge Gürel starring Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong). The  series is appearing in front of its audience with new episodes. Written by Deniz Yorulmazer and written by Aslı Zengin and Banu Zengin. In the last episode of the series, which aired on Friday evenings, Ezgi and Ozgur met their families and brought the exciting moments to the screens. Here, 6th episode trailer and episode summary of the series ....

Bay Yanlis episode 6
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What happen in the last episode?
Ezgi and Ozgur, who met Serdar in Göcek, start to think about what they will do when they find out that Serdar will attend Ebru's wedding. His friends try to come up with ideas and help them get over the wedding without incident. Sevim and Nevin, meanwhile, get along very well, and soon, under Fitnat's direction, they start to plan to take care of Ezgi and Ozgur. Ezgi and Ozgur pretend they're not right for each other to keep their families up. It puts families in doubt about the two of them getting married. What will Özgür and Ezgi live in neighboring houses over time?

Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong) Episode 6 Trailer

Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong) Episode 6 Summary:
Ozgur and Ezgi's beloved game, which returned from Göcek, is over. They're both sad, rather than relaxing and moving on. Ezgi settles for dinner with Serdar, but she's very confused. She feels like she doesn't want it as much as she used to, and she goes back and forth between her emotions and her logic.

That's why she'll find excuses for dinner and try to put it off. Ozgur is no longer the same with Serdar. He's starting to feel uncomfortable with his presence. Ezgi also realizes these changes in Ozgur and begins to question whether she is in love with him.

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