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Heroes (大侠 霍元甲) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

Heroes (大侠 霍元甲) is the latest Chinese Drama produced by iQiyi, Perfect CCB, and Perfect World Film and Television that aired on CCTV television channels. Lifting up the Historical and Martial Arts genres, The series can also be watched through iQIYI International every day at 19.30 CST. This Chinese Drama will have 45 episodes and every day will air two episodes. 

Directed by Bai Shan and Liu Fang, written by Guo Jing Yu who is the director of the Chinese drama Netflix The Little Mistress. This drama lifts the biographical story of the hero and martial arts expert Huo Yuanjia. A series of famous Chinese artists also starred in this series. Vincent Zhao and Nikita Mao became the main players. Vincent Zhao is a famous actor who previously starred in the Chinese film God of War with veteran actor Sammo Hung. Beautiful actress Nikita Mao has played in the drama series Handsome Siblings and Negotiator.

The series tells the legendary story of a generation of martial arts master Huo Yuanjia in the end of the Qing Dynasty, facing the national crisis of internal and external troubles, resisting foreign forces with Chinese martial arts spirit and defending national dignity. The drama premiered on the TV drama channel of CCTV on July 28, 2020, and simultaneously broadcast on iQiyi

Synopsis of Heroes (大侠 霍元甲)

The story is set in a biography about the life of the famous Chinese Martial Arts Master Huo Yuanjia in 1868 to 1910. After the great 1898 Reform movement, the "Six Heroes" were dying. Huo Yuan Jia (Vincent Zhao) is a male figure who is filled with enthusiasm and patriotics. He wants to participate in history. But Huo Yuan Jia repeatedly entered into enemy traps. He can only watch the heroes die for his country. 

Heroes Chinese Drama
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Not long after the Allied Forces of the Eight Forces invaded China and now China has been attacked by its enemy. Huo Yuan Jia who learned of this news immediately went to collect corpses from his relatives who had died overnight. But this actually caused another disaster for them. A year later, Huo Yuan Jia who now lives in Cangzhou went to the mountainside. Discouraged by his past and afraid of falling into enemy traps again, finally Huo Yuan Jia decided to move to Shanghai. 

Before long Huo Yuan Jia's reputation grew quickly. Japan, which at that time had invaded China, felt dissatisfied and began to worry. Huo Yuan Jia, who was always supported by his wife Madam Wang (Nikita Mao) chose his path to fight his illness, fight smartly, bravely and endlessly enter into battle. He finally defeated Japan with extraordinary courage. Now his name is known as one of the historic heroes.

Details of Heroes (大侠 霍元甲) 

Title: Heroes 
Chinese Title: 大侠 霍元甲 (Fearless Heroes)
Genres: Action, Historical, Martial Arts
Country: China
Director: Bo Chuan, Liu Fang
Producer: Li Wei Ying, Guo Jing Yu
Screenwriter: Guo Jing Yu
Production: iQIYI, Perfect World Pictures, G.H.Y Culture & Media
TV channel: iQIYI, CCTV
Number of Episodes: 45 Episodes
Length of Each Episode: 45 Minute
Airing Period: 28 July 2020
Showtimes: Monday - Sunday, 19:30 CST

Cast of Heroes (大侠 霍元甲)

Vincent Zhao as Huo Yuan Jia
Nikita Mao / Mao Lin Lin as Madam Wang
Shi Xiao Long as Chen Zhen
Wu Chao as Nong Jin Sun
Zhang Yong Gang as 'Broadsword' Wang Wu
Yang Zhi Gang as Tan Sitong Austin Sui
Sui Ming Yang as Huo Yuan Dong
Eddie Ko as Huo Endi
Bingo Zhou as Xu Da You
Jason Zheng as Shuang Xing
Zhou Yujing Hao as Xiao Wu
Ryan Kou as Huang Wen Fa
Ping Hui Tay as Sha Lang Zhang
Chun Zhong as Ying Si Xie
Yu Chen as Huo Dong Yuan
Siqin Gao Wa as Mrs. Huo Jia


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  1. It is amazing series, thanks for every one had work in this series and I wondered if the actor Vincent Zhao is a master of martial arts. Huo Yuan Jia has a good personality.
    Your fan from Iraq

    1. Great I loved it it was really good the actress an actors was just excellent my kind of movie keep the good work up

  2. Great, from Africa. This is a great movie. more like it. Mature