In a Class of Her Own (漂亮 书生) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

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In a Class of Her Own (漂亮 书生) is the new Chinese Drama produced by Beijing iQiyi Technology Co., Ltd. This drama can be watched every Thursday to Saturday on the iqiyi streaming application and website for free. Starring young and famous artists, this Chinese Drama features Ju Jing Yi, Song Wei Long, Bi Wen Jun, Richards Wang and Chen Yi Long, in the ancient costume inspirational school drama.

Beautiful actress Ju Jing Yi previously played in the drama series Please Give Me A Pair of Wings and The Legend of White Snake. Whereas Song Wei Long starred in the drama Beautiful Reborn Flower and Find Yourself. This drama will have 36 airing episodes. VIPs can watch one week earlier.

The series is adapted from the novel "The Days of Confucian Scholars in Sungkyunkwan", telling the story of Xue Wenxi from a poor family and entering the Yunshang Academy where only men can study. Together with Feng Chengjun, Yu Lexuan, Lei Zexin, etc., she overcame difficulties and grew up together, composing a romantic story about a group of aspiring young people who want to be youthful.

Synopsis of In a Class of Her Own

It is the story of Xue Wen Xi (Ju Jing Yi). He came from a simple, poor family, and decided to disguise himself as a male figure to make ends meet by helping transcripts as well as book copywriters. One time Xue Wen Xi met with Feng Cheng Jun (Song Wei Long). He is a son of the Prime Minister who was currently in a business transaction. Xue Wen Xi was interested and amazed at the talent of Feng Cheng Jun. He secretly planned to enroll in the Yun Shang Academy, a special male student school. 

In a Class of Her Own Cast
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Because of this, Xue Wen Xi decided to disguise himself as a boy and changed his appearance and name to Xue Wen Bin. He lives with anxiety and fear if his secret is revealed by them. Lucky he had Feng Cheng Jun help him, allowing him to focus on his studies. Using his intelligence, kindness, and charm, Xue Wen Xi also became close friends with Yu Yue Xuan (Bi Wen Jun), a type who was rebellious and hard to match with Lei Ze Xin (Richards Wang), a cold-hearted man. 

The four are known as "Yun Shang Quartet", they overcome many problems together and grow into each other's desired personalities. Until finally Xue Wen Xi ventured to reveal her true identity as a woman. He also fell in love with Feng Cheng Jun. Many things happened between them, how about the next exciting story?

Details of In a Class of Her Own

Title: In a Class of Her Own
Chinese Title: 漂亮 书生 / Piao Liang Shu Sheng (Pretty Scholar)
Genres: Historical, Comedy, Romance
Country: China
Filming location: Xiangshan
Director: Zhi Lei
Producer: Dai Ying, Bian Jiang, Fang Li, Chen Ze
Screenwriter: Zhang Yan Bin, Wang Xin Yi, Fu Min, Hua Su Shan, Ni Jun
Production: iQiyi, CN Movie Culture Media
TV channel: iQIYI
Number of Episodes: 36 Episodes
Length of Each Episode: 45 Minute
Airing Period: July 23, 2020
Showtimes: Thursday - Saturday, 12:00 CST

Cast of In a Class of Her Own

Ju Jing Yi as Xue Wen Xi / Xue Wen Bin
Song Wei Long as Feng Cheng Jun
Bi Wen Jun as Yu Yue Xuan
Richards Wang as Lei Ze Xin
Wang Zi Ao as young Lei Zexin
Chen Yi Long as Han Zhi Sheng
Nicole Zhu as Mu Xiao Man
Zhang Xin as Han Shu Min
Zhang Han as Xiao Qing He
Liang Ou as A Mu’s sister
Xu Yang as Li Bing Kun
Mao Fang Yuan as Wei Chao Hui
Wang Jin Song as Feng Jichang
Zhang Shuang Li as Feng Xinwu
Gong Bei Bi as Madame Wen
Zhang Hao Wei as Lei Zexun
Yu Bo as Xue Dingkun


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