Kavak Yelleri (Poplar Winds) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

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Kavak Yelleri (Poplar Winds) is Turkish youth drama series. The series, created by Timur Savcı, was filmed in Seferihisar and in various districts of Istanbul. The story hugged forward, the show's high school characters got married and confused with the children. Still, they're still blowing poplar slopes on their heads.

Kavak Yelleri (Poplar Winds) set out as a story about the lives of four young people in high school. As a child, the four children who healed each other's wounds by kissing grew up over time, but never broke away. And when he had wounds too big to kiss, they always stood by each other. While looking forward to growing up, university exam stress, family problems, love pain, money shortages, diseases, deaths changed the course of their lives. They've changed cities, they've left countries, they've won schools, they've had love, they've built houses, they've broken schemes, they've been broke, they've been rich, they've been in jail, they've been hospitalized, they've got kids. They've made the audience say, "Not so much anymore."

The series premiered on Kanal D on May 31, 2007, and on August 30, 2011, the series made 170th episode appearance on "And The World Is Back To Bring Us Closer". ended with the section.

Synopsis of Kavak Yelleri (Poplar Winds)

The series revolves around the stories of Deniz (Ibrahim Kendirci), Aslı (Pelin Karahan), Efe (Daghan Külegeç) and Mine (Aslı Enver), an Aegean town. Deniz, who is happy and safe, who is trying to break away from his family and find his own way, to grow up; idealistic, strong, materially, despite the difficulties of studying, trying to look tough against life, precision Asli's; Efe's and his discrepancies, the hard friendships of the rebellious Mine, their first love, the faq prints, school lives, the family problems that are being overcome are told. 

Kavak Yelleri cast
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In the future, Mine and Deniz, Aslı and Efe become lovers. But in season three, these four lead-ups crash in a car and the car flies overboard. Everyone gets out of the car. But Efe's not in the car. But Asli and Efe are going to get married at the time. Time passes and the accident leads to changes in the character of all of them. A different person (Sarp Apak) enters their lives. Guven and Asli get engaged and engaged. Then Efe reappears. But he's sick, and his heart stops and dies before he goes into surgery. 

Five years goes by; He gave birth to a child from Aslı Efe and named him Efe. Mine gives birth to her son Derya, who is from Deniz; But the sea never came in for five years. Trust lies in prison. When he gets out of prison, the stones move and Deniz comes back and takes care of his daughter and his wife. Trust falls in love with a girl called Story, and they both don't like to stay in one place for long periods of time, and they travel together. Deniz and Mine have reconciled and are happy with their daughter Derya. In fact, he continues to live with his only love, his son Efe.

Cast of Kavak Yelleri (Poplar Winds)

Pelin Karahan as Aslı Zeybek
continued secondary school in Ankara Arı College Ödemiş and then continued her education at Ankara Sokullu Mehmet Pasha High School. She studied tourism hospitality in Eskisehir. She plays as Asli in Kavak Yelleri. From beginning to day, there is no interest in any branch of acting or art, even though it has no knowledge of the university...

İbrahim Kendirci as Deniz Akça
His education in Antalya, Kendirci, istanbul University State Conservatory completed his education. He earned his first major acting experience as Deniz Akça in the youth series Poplar Yelleri, which was broadcast on Kanal D and starring Sarp Apak, Dağhan Külegeç, Pelin Karahan and Aslı Enver. 

Dağhan Külegeç as Efe Kaygısız
Born in Istanbul on October 18, 1978, the daughter of a television mother (Ayşe Erbulak) and a calligrapher father (Riza Külegeç). She completed her education at Istanbul University Faculty of Literature. The artist comes from a family. She is the grandson of the famous theatre-maker Altan Erbulak. McDonald's, directed by Ali Taran, has her first acting experience. 

Ege Aydan as Murat
He studied primary, secondary and high school in Istanbul. He then began his art education with ballet and gave up ballet after his teachers said the neck was too long. He graduated from the High Department of Ankara State Conservatory.

Ayten Uncuoğlu as Ayşe
24 May 1946 born and graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Language and History and Geography. In 1988, he first appeared in a film called A Train Ride and made his debut in 1996 with Crazy Betooth. In this series, he played as the headmistress of the school, later in 2003, in the tv series Aliye. 

Gülen Karamanas Leman
Theater is known for his television series and voice-over efforts. The most well-known series are Shehnaz Tango, Second Spring and Poplar Yelleri. He plays Leman in the series of poplar slopes. Karaman graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory. 

Altan Gordum as Kamil
Theatre, cinema and series actor. In 1978, he entered Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences. In the 1979 -1980 season, he participated in the courses of Ankara Art Theatre. 

Nurcan Eren as Hafize Sarıyer 
She graduated from VKV High School and Istanbul University Conservatory. Sezen Aksu has been a backing vocalist to many artists, especially. 

Ferit Aktug as Metin
Ferit Aktug (born 17 November 1978) is a Turkish actress. He completed his high school education at Ceyhan Halil Çiftçi Anatolian High School. He graduated from Dokuz Eylul University, Department of Economics. He's been on seven shows.  

Didem Inselel as Gönül
Didem Inselel was born in Istanbul in 1976. She completed her education at the Academy Istanbul Radio And Television Department. Didem Inselel, who also studied acting at Shahika Tekand Studio, had her first acting experience with Serseri Aşıklar series. 

Aslı Enver as Mine Seven
Ceren Moray as Su
Selin Şekerci as Feyza
Hasan Önürdeş as Kerem Hoca

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