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Kerem Bürsin Short Biography And Profile

Who is Kerem Bürsin? Where is Kerem Bürsin from and how old is he?

Kerem Bursin was born on June 4, 1987. Kerem Bürsin had his first acting experience in Turkey in the 2013 tv series Güneşi Beklerken (Waiting For the Sun). Now, let's get to know Kerem Bursin more closely...

You can find all the details you want to know about Kerem Bürsin, who plays the character of Serkan Bolat in the series Sen Cal Kapimi, which is currently broadcast on FOX TV screens... Who is Kerem Bürsin? Where was he born, how old he was, his height, his weight, the tv shows and movies he played...

Kerem Bürsin was born in Istanbul on June 4, 1987. In 2000, he moved to Scotland and then to texas in 2002 at the age of fifteen. In high school, he formed a rock band with friends and performed many concerts in Texas. After graduating from High School in Texas, he moved to Boston to study for college and received an acting inclination at Emerson College.

After college, he moved to Los Angeles, where he started acting. Every year, during the summer holidays, she came to Turkey with his grandmother. He studied acting for two years with Carolyn Pickman and Eric Morris. When he came to Istanbul for his cousin's wedding, he met Gaye Sökmen and began acting in Turkey.

Kerem Bursin Biography
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Kerem Bürsin first starred in the 2013 series "Gunesi Bekleren". The series, starring Emre Kınay and Hande Dogandemir, attracted a lot of attention and then shared the lead role in the 2014 film "Whisper if I Forget", directed by Çağan Irmak, with names such as Mehmet Günsur, Hümeyra and Farah Zeynep Abdullah.

He began to appear on screens at the beginning of 2017 and has not played a role in the cast of Şehrin Geleceği (The Future of The City) with potray Ali smith.

Kerem Bürsin now gives life to the character of Mustafa Kerim in the series Muhtesem Ikili, which is now broadcast on Kanal D screens. Kerem Bürsin is 1.79 meters tall, 72 kilos and his zodiac is a Gemini.

Kerem Bürsin's series and films:
2006 – Rozar Man (Macalester) (Film)
2006 – Thursday (Grauss) (Film)
2007 – The Architec (Craig Belmont) (Film)
2008 – Killian (Lennox) (Film)
2010 – Sharktopus (Andy Flynn) (Film)
2010 – Kiss of Death (Film)
2013 – The Living Death (Film)
2013 – Palace of the Damned (Adam) (Film)
2013 /2014 – Güneşi Beklerken (Kerem) (TV Serie)
2014 – Ulan İstanbul (Yiğit) (Film)
2014 – Unutursam Fısılda (Erhan) (Film)
2014 – Şeref Meselesi (Yiğit) (TV Serie)
2017 – Bu Şehir Arkandan Gelecek (Ali) (TV Serie)
2018 – Can Feda (Onur Keskin) (Film)
2018 – Yaşayamayanlar (İnternet Serie)

Kerem Bursin Awards
2014 Ege University Media Meeting best actor (Waiting for the Sun)
2014 Wish Award for Best Actor
2014 Gold lens awards best promising player
2014 Crystalfare Media Awards best actor
2014 Ege University Awards Best Actor
2014 Footed Newspaper 5. Stars of the Year Awards Best Youth Series Actor
2014 Stars of the Year Awards Most Acclaimed Male Actress (Whisper If I Forget)
2014 GQ Turkey Rising Star of the Year
2015 ITU Success Awards Most Successful Actor (Whisper If I Forget)
2015 GSU EN Awards 2014 BEST Series/Film Actor (Matter of Honor)

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