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Love Story of Court Enemies (那江烟花那江雨) Synopsis And Cast: C-Drama

Love Story of Court Enemies (那江烟花那江雨) also known as "Palace Step By Step To Fade" is the latest Chinese drama series that airs on the Mango TV television channel from July 8, 2020, every Wednesday and Thursday at 8 pm.

This Mandarin drama stars the famous artist Wu Jia Yi from the series "Heroic Journey of Ne Zha" with the handsome actor Zhao Yi Qin who previously appeared in the drama My Girl as Sheng Yi.

The series produced by Jinmicang Pictures and Lafeng Entertainment, directed by Zhang Kai. The series tells the story of Zhao Yuxing and Qiu Qi, who are brothers and sisters. After being separated by the rebels, Yuxing enters the Tai Hospital for the truth of the door, and Qiu Qi turns into the palace and becomes a concubine; the two In the palace where conspiracies and tricks continue to emerge, the life story of solving difficulties, fighting with wisdom and growing up step by step

Love Story of Court Enemies will have 36 episodes. To download and watch "Love Story of Court Enemies" English subtitles can be watched via Youtube "芒果 TV 青春 剧场 MGTV Drama Channel"

Synopsis of Love Story of Court Enemies

The plot of the story is set in the Yongzheng era precisely during the Yuan year. During the turmoil Zhao Yu Xing (Wu Jia Yi) and his sister Cai Feng were separated.

But one time Zhao Yu Xing learned that his sister had entered the palace as a potential consort. He decided to follow quietly and disguised himself as a novice chef. Yu Xing has good cooking skills until He can impress the Emperor.

Palace Step By Step To Fade
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He even promoted the position quickly. One day He accidentally made a mistake during the funeral of Queen Dowager and caused the Emperor to take offense. Finally Zhao Yu Xing was sent to a village to do manual labor.

There Zhao Yu Xing met with perseverance which required him to be friends and take medical skills. With his intelligence, he can find new knowledge in medicine to successfully help the people around him because he has suffered from a widespread pandemic. When he returned to the capital, he entered the Imperial Medical College. Starting from the bottom to develop.

Zhao Yu Xing is involved in a romantic love affair with General Yue Zong Lin (Zhao Yi Qin). What is the ending story of Zhao Yu Xing's next life? Will He be able to help everyone while sharing their time with love?

Details of Love Story of Court Enemies

Chinese Title: 那江烟花那江雨/ 语星如愿之步步杀机
English Title: Love Story of Court Enemies/ Palace Step By Step To Fade
Genre: Historical, Romance
Country: China
Director: Zhang Kai
Producer: Hu Mei
Screenwriter: Zhang Kai
Production: Jin Mi Cang Film, Lafeng Entertainment, Zhongshi Xingyu, You Shu Culture
TV channel: Mango TV
Number of Episodes: 36
Airing Period: July 8, 2020
Showtimes: Wednesday and Thursday, 20:00 CST

Cast of Love Story of Court Enemies

Wu Jia Yi as Zhao Yu Xing
Zhao Yi Qin as Yue Zong Lin
Han Jiu Nuo as Qiu Qi
Yu Xuan Hong Hao as Wang Yi Wei
Wu Hao as Hong'er
Gan Ting Ting as Imperial Concubine Shu
Aaron Wang Ming Duo as Emperor
Gao Yu Er as Niugulu Qiu Qi
Si Qin Gao Wa as Empress Dowager
He Jia Yi as Empress
Yu Xuan Hong Hao as Wang Yiwei
Duan Meng Yao as Lan'er
Yao An Lian
Yue Yao Li Sup
Xu Song Zi
Liu Jia Lin
Li Zhong Yu
Liu Jun Da
Zhao Wan Yi
Wang Peng
Tang Jia Hao
Sha Yu
Chen An Na


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