Masumiyet Müzesi (Innocence Museum): Turkish Drama

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The love novel 'Masumiyet Müzesi (Museum of Innocence)', published in 2008 by Nobel Prize-winning author Orhan Pamuk and dedicated to his daughter dream, is a series. Orhan Pamuk's one of his most beloved books, the Museum of Innocence, will be adapted to the series by the Amazon digital platform. Cagatay Ulusoy will star in this series.

Masumiyet Müzesi Platform
Amazon, one of the largest broadcasters along with Netflix on the digital platform, has increasingly started to film the Turkish-made museum of innocence with Çağatay Ulusoy, who previously starred as Hakan Muhafiz on Netflix. Seeing that the series market in Turkey is quite wide, Amazon rolled up its sleeves for the new project.

Erik Barmack will produce the series. Although the casts is not yet finalized, it is stated that the lead will be played by Cagatay Ulusoy. Although the name of Kivanç Tatlıtug was mentioned for the museum of innocence, the producer previously played the lead role in Hakan Muhafiz series on Netflix, among the information that he preferred the name Cagatay Ulusoy.

Synopsis of Masumiyet Müzesi

Orhan Pamuk shared a promotional article in his 2012 novel Museum of Innocence; "Starting a spring day in 1975 and coming to the present day, the story of Füsun, a wealthy boy from Istanbul and his distant and poor relative Füsun: With the richness of speed, movement, events and heroes, a sense of humor and the power to make the storms feel in the depths of the human spirit. 

Masumiyet Muzesi Cast
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The 'Museum of Innocence' will be one of the books you can't leave and reread. When you read the Museum of Innocence, you will see that not only about love, but about all your thoughts on marriage, friendship, sexuality, passion, family and happiness are deeply affected and you never want to leave the colorful world of the book."

As long as the players of the Museum of Innocence are certain, we will continue to write and detail to you here. Comments and opinions about the series of innocence museums expected to be released on amazon digital platform in the 2020/2021.

Cast of Masumiyet Müzesi

Cagatay Ulusoy
Cagatay Ulusoy, whose name is currently set in the tv series Barbaros, which will begin on TRT screens, is currently a favorite of all producers. Hakan Guardian, which appeared on the Netflix platform, then made his name as the lead role in this series, which shined in the world.

Cagatay Ulusoy, who has been preparing for 2 years and is currently preparing for the series Museum of Innocence, which is preparing for Amazon Prime Video, will be produced by Erik Barmack and OGM Pictures.

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