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My Housekeeper Mr. Nagisa Synopsis And Cast: Japanese Drama

My Housekeeper Mr. Nagisa also known as "私 の 家政 夫 ナ ギ サ さ ん (Watashi no Kaseifu Nagisa-san)" is the latest Japanese drama airing on the TBS television channel starting July 7, 2020 every Tuesday at 10 P.M. The Comedy and Romance genre series replaces the Japanese drama Love Lasts Forever. Adapted based on the popular manga "Kaseifu no Nagisa-san" by Furiko Yotsuhara published in 2016. Watashi no Kaseifu Nagisa-san starring Mikako Tabe has starred in the drama "My High School Business" as Satoko Matsubara, Nao Omori and Koji Seto from the series "Daughter of Lupine".

The Japanese manga Watashi no Kaseifu Nagisa-san written by Frico Yotsuhara. It has been serialized since August 19, 2016 on the shojo manga label "Koisuru Soiree" in the e-book distribution site "Comic Seymour" operated by NTT Solmare. A heart-filled comedy depicting a 28-year-old career woman who works as an MR for a pharmaceutical company being swayed by the relationship between her husband and her rival Masae. 

Synopsis of My Housekeeper Mr Nagisa
The plot of the story in Mei Aihara's story (Mikako Tabe). She is a single career woman. Working hard as a medical representative from a pharmaceutical company, can do every job in the office but he is not proficient to take care of his homework. When the night of his 28th birthday a strange and strange person appeared in his room which looked messy. The man named Mr. Nagisa Shigino (Nao Omori), is a very good housekeeper, doing every job perfectly. At first she didn't want to hire him, but Mei decided to hire Mr. Nagisa as a housemaid for a reason. 

My Housekeeper Mr Nagisa
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Meanwhile, Yuta Tadokoro (Koji Seto) appears in front of Mei Aihara. He's the type to easily get the trust of business partners with different methods that he has. Yuta Tadokoro works for a rival pharmaceutical company. Even though Tadokoro was a rival, he suddenly began to approach May to disturb him. How does the exciting ending of Mei Aihara's life with the two men around her?

Details of My Housekeeper Mr. Nagisa
Title: My Housekeeper Mr. Nagisa 
Japan Title:  私 の 家政 夫 ナ ギ サ さ ん (Watashi no Kaseifu Nagisa-san)
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Country: Japan
Director: Toshio Tsuboi, Takeyoshi Yamamoto
Screenwriter: Furiko Yotsuhara (manga), Koji Tokuo, Subaru Yamashita
Producer: Iwasaki Aina, Shoichi Kato
Production: Sparkle TBS
TV channel: TBS
Number of Episodes: -
Airing Period: 7 July 2020
Showtimes: Every Tuesday, 22:00 JST

Cast of My Housekeeper Mr. Nagisa
Mikako Tabe as Mei Aihara
Nao Omori as Mr. Nagisa Shigino
Koji Seto as Yuta Tadokoro
Maeda Gordon as Segawa Haruto
Takahashi Maryjun as Suyama Kaoru
Miyao Shuntaro as Higo Kikunosuke
Hirayama Yusuke as Matsudaira Shinya
Mizusawa Shingo as Joab's Baba
Wakatsuki Yumi as Tenma Akari
Iio Kazuki as Komakizaka Haruo
Tomita Yasuko as Kotou Miyuki
Kusakari Tamiyo as Aihara Midori
Shuri as Fukuda Yui


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