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Nizam-i Alem series will be on Trt 1 screens in September. Finally, The Journey with Birds for Trt 1, Akli Film produced by Nizam-i Alem series will be a very important masterpiece about the Seljuk period.

The cast will be one of four historical series of the 2020 2021 new season of Nizam-i Alem series Trt 1, which continues digitally. Trt 1 was preparing for the new season for Barbaros and Mevlana series; Now work has begun for the series. Already, the historical series Payitaht Abdulhamid will continue to withdraw.

The new series, which will be told by the Seljuk Empire, will be broadcast on TRT 1 screens. The cast of the series, which is produced by Akli Film, attracted attention. The series will also tell what happened in the Seljuk state. The cast of the series, which marked the new season; Ekin Koç, Buğra Gulsoy, Sevda Erginci, Leyla Lydia Tugutlu and many other familiar names. The series team receives horse riding and sword-wielding training for the series.

Nizamı Alem has already attracted great attention. Among the new season series was the series that managed to attract attention with its subject matter. At the end of July, filming of the series will take place in a special area. Buğra Gulsoy will bring the character of Sultan Melikshah to life in the series and meet his lovers in a project that tells the story of an old era for the first time in his career. Ahmad Sencer, the son of Sultan Melikshah, will also play Ekin Koç. The fact that the two beloved names together excited the audience. Their harmony in the series is eagerly awaited.

Emre Konuk, the producer of the series, which is the subject of the Seljuk State. Serdar Özönal is the name that wrote the series. The series, which attracts great attention with its cast and subject matter, is already eagerly awaited. It is one of the ambitious series of the new season.

Nizamı Alem 2020 Trt 1 Series
Nizam-i Alem series script of Ali Oğuz Senol who announced his name with Adini Sen Koy series is also said to have gone copyright. Nizam-i Alem series screenplay will be prepared finally by Serdar Özönalan, who wrote Dirilis Ertugrul.

Nizam-i Alem synopsis
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Cast of Nizam-i Alem

Sevda Erginci as Turna 
Sevda Erginci, who was on the agenda of Turkey with his character Zeynep, who gave life in the series Yasak Elma, was very frustrated with her beloved past series last season. Born in Istanbul in 1993, Sevda Erginci is 28 years of age. Sevda Erginci, who is 1.65 cm tall and 50 kg, was first known for her portrayal of Ayşe in Karagül series. Sevda Erginci, who has an acting experience in children's theatre in Semaver Kumpanya, does not have a known higher education graduation.  Life is sometimes sweet, and Give Your Hand Love series is also one of Sevda Erginci's important projects. Sevda Erginci is a lover with actress Yilmaz Kunt.

Leyla Lydia Tugutlu as Elchin
Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu, who rejected the offer from her in The Promise of Honor, accepted the offer from Nizam-i Alem. Born on October 29, 1989 in Germany, Leyla Lydia Tugutlu was the winner of Miss Turkey 2008. Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu is married to actress Ceyhun Ergin, who graduated from The German language at Istanbul University. Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu, who is 6.73 tall and 62 kg, studied piano and violin as well as acting. Lydia Tuğutlu, who starred as a guest star in Kiralik Ask and glowed with her beauty, had her first leading role in the tv series Tatli Intikam with the character Pelin. The beautiful actress who couldn't hold on to this City Behind The Future has achieved success with her 201 series Kizim (My Daughter).

Buğra Gulsoy as Sultan Melikshah
His talents were discovered by Buğra Gülsoy as Mahsun Kırmızıgü, an architect, and he was invited to the white screen. He was shined with the series and now her real profession has been acting. Buğra Gulsoy, who continued his acting education, took the lead role for the first time in Kuzey Guney series and pursued millions. Kizim in 2019 and the 2017 series Ask Yeniden were the series that Buğra Gulsoy had achieved success in his career. He is married to Luluni Gürbüz in Şanda and has a child. Buğra Gulsoy is 175 cm tall and 70 kg.

Sultan Melikshah ruled the Seljuk state between 1055 and 1092. He is the son of Sultan Melikshah Sultan Alpaslan, who has three martyrs. During the reign of Melikshah, who ascended to the throne at the age of 18, the Seljuk state made significant conquests and provided peace and security in the country. Sultan Melikshah's biggest goal has been to gather Muslims under one roof. 

Ekin Koç as Ahmed Sencer
Ekin Koç, who is known all over the world for his portrayal of Ahmed I in the series Magnificent Century, now wants to repeat this beginning with the series Nizamı Alem. Born in Antalya on June 21, 1992, Ekin Koç is 28 years of age. Ekin Koç, who studied business administration at Istanbul Bilgi University, wanted to be an actor, not an operator with his handsomeness and acting skills, and applied to Akademi 35 And a half for a theatre education.  Ekin Koç, who won the auditions for The Secret series, was later opened up and first appeared in The Magnificent Century Kösem, where he was a star. Ekin Koç, who is beloved with Blue TV's 7 Faces and Steppe series, is also the star of Champion for Us, which marked 2020. Ekin Koç is 1.80 meters tall and weighs 73 kg.

Ahmed Sencer, the son of Sultan Melikshah, became the ruler of the Seljuk state of Khorasan and then became the last ruler of the Great Seljuk State. The Great Seljuk State was destroyed by the propaganda of Hasan Sabbah during sultan Ahmed Senver and the Crusades.  During his rule, Ahmed Sencer took the cities of Damascus and Aleppo and established the Syrian Seljuk state. Ahmed Senver's grave is in Turkmenistan.

Cemal Toktaş as Imam Ghazali
Cemal Toktaş, who was previously said to have signed with Hay Sultan series, was transferred to Nizamı Alem for a much better role. Cemal Toktaş, who will give life to Imam Ghazali in Nizamı Alem series, and his actress wife Nergis Öztürk, like himself, are very excited about this role. Cemal Toktaş, who works special for the character of Imam Ghazali and makes changes to his style, is one of the most talented players in Turkey. Cemal Toktaş, who was born in Istanbul in 1983, last contributed to our story series as Omer. The experienced actress, who graduated from Istanbul University theatre, was also very popular with the series Mary. Cemal Toktaş is 1.76 meters tall and weighs 74 kilos.

Imam Ghazali, one of the famous mudderris and scholars of the Great Seljuk period, was the Chief Muderris to Baghdad. In 457 books of Imam Ghazali, which turned to Sufism, 75 books have come to the present day.

İlker Kızmaz
Born 9 September 1975 in Izmir, the handsome actress is 45 years old. Ilker Kızma graduated from Anadolu University Faculty of Business Administration and graduated from Bahçeşehir University. Payitaht: Ilker Kızmaz Payitaht Abdulhamid, who appeared in many roles up to Payitaht Abdulhamid series, has made a big debut with the character of Shehzade Mehmet. Aslı Türkel is married to Ilker Kızmaz, and has one daughter.

Osman Sonant as Andreas
Osman Sonant, the star of Fi and ufak Tefek Cinayetler, was cast as a British agent in the tv series Nizamı Alem. Osman Sonant, who was born in Istanbul on January 1, 1979, is over the age of 41. Osman Sonant, who graduated from Istanbul University Theatre Department, owes his successful acting to the theatre, where he has been in place for many years. Leyla and Mecnun are known on television with the series experienced actress in the turkish goods series suphi character has risen. Finally, he also received an offer from the much-loved Osman Sonat Nizamı Alem series with the character ali fuat pasha, whom he gave life in the historical series Named Either Istiklal or Death. Osman Sonant last appeared in the film Bir Ask Iki Hayat in 2019. Osman Sonant, who is married to Damla Sonant, has one daughter.

Ali Oguz Senol
Ali Oguz Senol had never appeared in a historical series before. If Nizam accepts the offer from The Alem series, he will experience a historical series for the first time. Ali Oğuz Şenol, who had her first acting experience in The Shadow of Cinar and with Stv series such as Different Patterns, later took part in The You Put Her Name and received great acclaim. Finally, Ali Oguz Senol, who appeared in the tv series Warrior, has previously appeared in hakan guardian series. Ali Oguz Şenol has achieved success especially with the character of Şükrü in Bizim Hikaye series.

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