Plastic Brothers (兄弟 , 得罪 了) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Plastic Brothers (兄弟 , 得罪 了) is the latest Chinese Drama in the comedy genre. This Chinese Series airs on Youku from July 6, 2020, every Monday to Friday with a duration of 30 episodes and every week is updated as many as 10 episodes. This drama was produced by Fun Age Entertainment production house, starring newcomer artist Liu Si Wei with Xu Hui Qiang. The two handsome actors will play the characters for the roles of two siblings. Actress Zhu Ying who previously starred in the drama Girlfriend as Xiao Mei was present to enliven this drama series with other rookie artists, such as Xi Zi, Chen Bing and Jia Jin Jin.

The online short drama is based on the daily life of a pair of brothers. The elder brother is a professional screenwriter with a tall figure, a refined temperament, and a pursuit of quality of life. The younger brother, a sophomore, is cute, handsome, and self-proclaimed as a mature childish ghost. Because parents have been doing business in Thailand for a long time, there are only two brothers left behind at home. 

Although the younger brother was often bullied by his brother in a strong manner, he did not want to be weak and repeatedly fought back. Regardless of poverty or wealth, health or illness, the brothers have always been unable to escape the fate of loving and killing each other, fighting wits and fighting each other. The brothers with big brain holes are doing it every day...

Synopsis of Drama Plastic Brothers

The story revolves around the daily lives of two brothers. The elder brother Liu Xin (Liu Si Wei) is a professional writer while the younger brother Liu Yi (Xu Hui Qiang) is still in high school and has a pure, kind and childish nature. Their parents (Chen Bing & Jia Jin Jin) have a business in Thailand, so they both spend time together and stay at home. Although a younger brother often gets harsh treatment by his brother, he doesn't want to be weak and try to fight repeatedly. 

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Xiao Mei (Xi Zi) is Liu Yi's classmate, who secretly loves her brother Liu Xin. Meanwhile Xia Tian (Wang Yu) is Liu Xin's girlfriend. She was a famous celebrity and fell in love with him at first sight. When in a relationship with his brother, she cared for and regarded Liu Yi as his own younger sister. Regardless of poverty or wealth, health or disease, the brothers will always not be able to escape the fate of love and kill each other to fight each other, fight for wisdom, to help each other.

Detail of Plastic Brothers

Title: Plastic Brothes
Chinese Title: 兄弟 , 得罪 了 / Xiong Di De Zui Le
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Country: China
Director: Cui Jian
Producer: He Yi 
Starring: Liu Siwei,  Xu Huiqiang, Wang Yu and Xizi 
Production: Youku, Fun Age Entertainment
TV channel: Youku
Number of Episodes: 30 Episodes
Airing Period: July 6, 2020
Showtimes: Monday - Friday (2 ep / day)

Cast of Plastic Brothers

Liu Si Wei as Liu Xin Xu
Hui Qiang as Liu Yi
Wang Yu is as old as Xia Tian
Xi Zi as Xiao Mei
Zhu Ying as Xiao Dong
Chen Bing as Dad Jia
Jin Jin as Mom


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