Sadece Sen (Only You) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

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Sadece Sen (Only You) series is set to air on FOX screens in the summer. What's the synopsis of the show? Who's in the cast?

We're slowly approaching the summer months. The major series of channels will soon enter the season and we will start seeing the summer series on screens. One of those shows seems Sadece Sen (Only You) series. The series is one of the series that FOX screens will bring to the audience in the summer. The production company that produced the series was previously produced by Crow Seven productions for FOX. Sadece Sen (Only You) is a romantic comedy series starring Özge Gürel and Ali Yağcı. 

The first leading star of the romantic-comedy-style series, which is expected to air on FOX TV in the summer and produced by Crow Seven Productions, has been confirmed. Ender Mihlar will direct the series, which previously in the series 8. Gün and Bu Şehir Arkandan. 

Synopsis of Sadece Sen (Only You)

Only The Sen series will focus on the interesting relationship between Burak and Selin. These two characters buy apartments for themselves with big dreams. But what they don't know is that they both buy the same apartment. So romance and comedy will blow the winds Sadece Sen (Only You) will be starting the series. 

Sadece Sen Synopsis
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Cast of Sadece Sen (Only You)

The series stars are Özge Gürel and Ali Yağcı. Ozge Gurel will give life to Selin character. We will watch Ali Yağcı as Burak. We have seen Özge Gürel on screens in the last few years with Kiraz Mevsimi (Cherry Season) and Folunay (Full Moon) series. Ali Yağcı was last seen in Erkenci Kus (Early Bird) series. 

Who is Özge Gürel?
Born in Istanbul on February 5, 1987, Öykü Gürel studied at Beykent University's Department of International Trade and abandoned his education to become an actor. After her acting education, she starred in the series Where, Peace Street, Magnificent Century, Medcezir, Cherry Season, Stars Shahidim, Full Moon and Bör.

Who is Ali Yağcı?
Ali Yağcı was born in Balikesir in 1990. After taking acting lessons from Eric Morris, he starred in such tv shows as Seviyor Sevmiyor, Adını Sen Koy and Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird). She also takes part in and models in commercials.

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