The Night of the Comet 2 (彗星 来 的 那 一夜 2)

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The chinese Drama "The Night of The Comet" is adapted from the novel of the same name in "The Impossible World", which tells that the male lead star Cheng Hao came to another parallel time and space due to a car accident and met the female lead reporter Lin Xiaoxiao. Sweet love story of people from acquaintance to love. The series breaks the routine of traditional youth idols, there is no dog blood plot, and there is no ambition for the second woman.

The plot, sweet value burst table. Not only is there a sweet love, the play also has suspenseful fantasy elements. The series creates a parallel space-time. The male host came to the parallel space-time due to a car accident and met another self in that space-time. And why did you come to this time and space? What conspiracy will appear? Looking forward to the TV series. The plot is high-sweet and well-made, the series will lead a new wave of online dramas with high-quality, new themes. 

The Night of the Comet 2 (彗星 来 的 那 一夜 2) is the Chinese Drama genre Comedy, Romance and Fantasy as well as the second season of the drama series "The Night of the Comet". The drama airs from July 12, 2020, every Sunday and Monday at 8 pm on Mango TV. When in the first season the actor was Melody Tang with Jason Fu, now the second season will present Zhang Yu Jian who previously starred in the drama "Find Yourself" and Lu Zhao Hua from the Chinese drama series "All I Want for Love is You". In addition to these two artists, there are also Jerry Yu, Huang Si Qi, Qin Chu Ming, and many more. This Mandarin drama will have a duration of 20 episodes and directed by Sun Kai Kai who worked on the drama The Legend of Jin Yan.

Synopsis of The Night of the Comet 2

The plot of the story focuses on two people's lives that have changed their path due to the presence of comets that brought them into a parallel world until finally finding true love. Lin Senhe (Zhang Yujian) is a man with a sharp look at everyone. Since he was little, he has been known as a devil in business. At the age of 30, Lin Senhe became the dominant CEO. 

Synopsis The Night of the Comet 2
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Bai Xiaoxin (Lu Zhaohua) is a 20-year-old girl who is unique and full of drama. Have different characteristics like day and night. But their path crossed after Bai Xiaoxin was involved with Lin Senhe. A tragedy occurred when Lin Senhe tried to save Bai Xiaoxin from an accident, he was drawn into the ever changing space and time. How does the end of the story of their life trajectory end? Will they realize each other and fall in love with each other?

Details of The Night of the Comet 2

Title: The Night of the Comet 2 /
Chinese Title: 彗星 来 的 那 一夜 2/ Hui Xing Lai De Na Yi Ye 2
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Country: China
Director: Sun Kai Kai
Screenwriter: He Bai San Shao, Song Jin Juan
Production: Mango TV
TV channel: Mango TV
Number of Episodes: 20 Episodes
Airing Period: 12 July 2020 - 27 July 2020
Showtimes: Sunday & Monday, 20:00 CST

Cast of The Night of the Comet 2

Lu Zhao Hua as Bai Xiao
Xin Zhang Yu Jian as Lin Senhe
Jerry Yu Yi Jie as You Qingze
Huang Si Qi as Qin Zhengjun
Qin Chu Ming as You Zhongshu
He Yu Jun as You Zimo
Yu Lei as Huang Weide


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