The Sleepless Princess (离 人心 上) Synopsis And Cast: C-Drama

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The Sleepless Princess  (离 人心 上) is the latest Light fantasy drama of costume love. Produced by Mango TV's production house with Pang Pang Xiong Production. Adapted based on the novel Li Ren Xin Shang (离 人心 上) by Lin Xiu Qi. The Sleepless Princess can be witnessed every Tuesday to Thursday. 

The Chinese Drama, which lifts the Historical, Comedy, Romance genre, has a duration of 35 episodes. Deng Ke, who had worked on the Chinese drama My Girlfriend is an Alien, was the producer. This drama stars a series of young artists including Zheng Ye Cheng, Hu Yi Xuan, Huang Can Can, Lin Xin Yi, and Yang Lin. Zheng Ye Cheng previously also starred in the drama Historical Love of Thousand Years. Meanwhile, for the beautiful actress Hu Yi Xuan performed beautifully in the series My Dear Destiny.

The series mainly tells the fate of the unloved princess who suffers from insomnia and the cold general who traces the cause of the death of her brother, and unfolds a sweet and heart-wrenching romantic story. The show will be aired on Mango TV on July 30, 2020

Synopsis of The Sleepless Princess 

The series tell the story of a man named Xue Yao (Zheng Ye Cheng). He is a loyal and coldhearted General. One day Xue Yao was investigating the mystery about the death of his brother. He meets with Chu Yue (Hu Yi Xuan). Chu Yue is a bad princess and suffers from insomnia. He got the disease when he was little because of an accident. 

The Sleepless Princess
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Now to overcome his boredom, Chu Yue spent more time reading romance novels. What is the romantic story between Chu Yue and Xue Yao next? With Xue Yao, will Chu Yue be able to overcome her insomnia?

Details of The Sleepless Princess 

Title: The Sleepless Princess 
Chinese Title: 离 人心 上 (Leaving the Heart)
Other Title: 晚晚 夜未眠 (Late night sleepless)
Genres: Historical, Comedy, Romance
Country: China
Filming Location: Hengdian
Director: Gao Cong Kai
Producer: Dong Ke
Screenwriter: Dong Ke
Production: Mango TV, Pang Pang Xiong Production
TV channel: Mango TV
Number of Episodes: 35 Episodes
Airing Period: 30 July 2020 - 3 September 2020
Showtimes: Tuesday - Thursday

Cast of The Sleepless Princess 

Zheng Ye Cheng as Xue Yao
Li Chao Ping as Xue Yao (Young)
Hu Yi Xuan as Xu Chu Yue
Liu Si Yan as Chu Yue (Young)
Huang Can Can as Su Nan Nan
Lin Xin Yi as Tao Yao
Yang Lin as Xu Xing Chen
Yang Chen Rui as Xing Chen (Young)
David Chou as Luo Ji Peng
Bi Yao as Na Xi
Ashin Shu as Bai Li Qi Zhang
Yu Zhang Jin Ming as Qin Yixiao
Xiao Hui as Granny Si Xi Zhao


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