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The Song of Glory (锦绣 南 歌) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

The Song of Glory (锦绣 南 歌) is the latest Chinese Drama historical and romance genre which airs through Tencent Video and Viki's online web drama. This Mandarin drama premiered from July 1 2020 every Wednesday to Friday at 08 P.M. Directed by director Li Hui Zhu and will last up to 53 episodes. Filming took place at Hengdian World Studios. 

The entire production team came from the series "The Princess Wei Young". For the players present a series of famous artists ranging from Li Qin, who had starred in the Chinese drama Joy of Life, Qin Hao and Jason Koo. You can download or watch "The Song of Glory" English Subtitles through the Chinese online drama streaming website, including English Sub.

This chinese drama is produced by Huaze Keton, Keton Film and Television, Le Ju Studio, co-directed by Huang Bin and Li Huizhu, starring Li Qin and Qin Hao, Gu Jiacheng, Qi Ji, Guan Xueying, Long Zhengxuan, Zhang Zhaohui, Romance drama in ancient costume starring Deng Ying and Zhang Yameng. The series tells the story of the heroine Lige and the governor Liu Yikang, after experiencing hardships and finally becoming dependents, working together to defend the country and create a prosperous world together. 

Synopsis of The Song of Glory

The plot of the story is set in Nan Song, a young emperor named Liu Yi Kang (Qin Hao) works hand in hand with his true love named Shen Li Ge (Li Qin) to make his country prosper again. The country experienced a slump until it fell into a crisis. Emperor Liu Yi Kang vowed to reform and improve lives for his people. Until finally he met the kindhearted woman Shen Li Ge and helped his country. 

锦绣 南 歌
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Together the two of them use their minds to fight against one of the most corrupt clans. In order to regain power, Emperor Liu Yi Kang arranged his marriage to the daughter of the Shen family because at that time he held military authority and it turned out that the woman he was going to marry was none other than the Shen Li Gem, the woman he loved the most. 

Now with the help of the Shen family, Liu Yi Kang is gradually planning to destroy the political clan full of corruption. But in the process this led to the Shen family being killed and creating a situation of despair. Peace for the country they must pay with great pain. But the Emperor with his true love still tried to establish the Yuanjia Government. How does the end of the story of the two of them struggle next? Can Emperor Liu Yi Kang and Shen Li Ge fulfill their dreams and treat their wounds?

Details of The Song of Glory

Title: The Song of Glory
Chinese Title: 锦绣 南 歌 (Fairy Southern Song)
Production time 2020
Country: China
Filming locations: Hengdian
Airing Period: 1 July 2020 - 9 September 2020
Showtimes: Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, at 20:00 CST
Genres: Historical, Romance, Political
Director: Li Hui Zhu, Huang Bin
Producer: Fang Fang, Wang Ying
Screenwriter: Wu Meng Zhang, Shi Ruo Min, Wang Luo Wen.
Production: Croton Media, Yue Ju Studio, Tencent Video
TV channel: Tencent Video, WeTV, Viki
Number of Episodes: 53
Length per episode: 45 minutes

Cast of The Song of Glory

Li Qin as Shen Li Ge
Qin Hao as Liu Yi Kang
Jason Koo as Liu Yi Xuan
Long Zheng Xuan as Wang Zi Jin / Princess Jin Lu
Zhan Xiang as Kong Cheng
Eddie Cheung as Shen Ting Zhang
Deng Ying as Mrs. Shen
Qi Ji as Lu Yuan Guan
Xue Ying as Shen Le Qing
Herman Li as Shen Zhi
Li Terry as Xie Hao
Bella Du as Xie Yun Zhi
Ren Yun Jie as Chen Feng Cheng
Shuo Nan as San Bao
Gloria Guan as Xiao Xin
Li Zhao as A Nu Zhang
Cai Yi Da as Chen Shao Xun


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  1. Well the ending is she is alive and in hiding. It’s just the ending feels rushed and total bs and tbh it’s not their fault. The censorship board there has been cutting down costume dramas to around 50 episodes per series. This drama and even pillow book were cut down by about 10 episodes each. Found this out from Chinese netizens. The cut episodes would have given them a better ending but oh well.

    Yes or no