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The Way Love Begins (爱 之初) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

The Way Love Begins (爱 之初) is a Mandarin series that airs on television channels JSTV, ZJTV and Mango TV. This Chinese drama can be seen from July 20, 2020 every Monday to Sunday at 19.30. This drama tells the story of a Beijing girl who pursues love to a foreign land to make her feel the unexpected. The Way Love Begins, starring Faye Yu, has starred in the series Little Husband, Jiang Wu, Li Nai Wen and David Chen from the drama series "The Legend of Jade Sword".

The series is based on Wang Yiyang's novel "Foreign Marriage", which tells a warm-hearted story of a transnationally-loved Beijing chick who finally went back home to achieve dreams and happiness after experiencing hard work overseas and ups and downs in love. The series premiered on Zhejiang Satellite TV and Jiangsu Satellite TV on July 20, 2020, and simultaneously broadcast on Mango TV.

Synopsis of The Way Love Begins

A drama about a touching story of a woman's struggle to find her love. Xie Qiao (Faye Yu) is a girl from Beijing who goes abroad for love. After experiencing ups and downs, She chose to go home and realize her dream. Xie Qiao initially met with Qin Zhun (David Chen) through a blind date. He's a Chinese-American man, Xie Qiao fell in love at the age of 35. By convincing herself, Xie Qiao decided to quit her job and go with the man she loved. 

Cast The Way Love Begins
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Upon her arrival in Los Angeles, she realized the true fact that Qin Zhun's fiancée had hidden the secret from him. This made Xie Qiao in an awkward situation because she could not let go and received the truth. Her injured pride made her reluctant to return to China. Luckily, Tian Er Mai (Jiang Wu), a restaurant owner around, helped her through difficult times when Xie Qiao lived in the United States. It also opened her eyes to different situations and have been faced by citizens of Ciina abroad. 

Xie Qiao told Qin Zhun to look for work opportunities in China while she also planned to end their relationship. After it ended, it made her have a lot of emotional baggage and one day, Xie Qiao realized that the man she loved was always by her side.

Details of The Way Love Begins

Title: The Way Love Begins (​Foreign Marriage)
Title: 爱 之初 (The Beginning of Love)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: C hina
Filming Location: Beijing, Los Angeles 
Director: Zhao Chen Yang
Producer: Tong Xiao Yang
Screenwriter: Fan Hong Lan
Starring: Yu Feihong, Jiang Wu, Li Naiwen, and Yan Bingyan
Production: DMG Media, Inlook Media
TV channel: JSTV, ZJTV, Mango TV
Number of Episodes: 43 Episodes
Length of Each Episode: 45 minutes
Airing Period: July 20, 2020
Showtimes: Monday - Sunday, 19:30 CST

Cast of The Way Love Begins

Faye Yu Fei Hong as Xie Qiao
Jiang Wu as Tian Er Mai
Li Nai Wen as Xiao Yu Shan
Yan Bing Yan as Duan Mu Ting Ting
Wang Yi Nan as Tian Xiao Mai
David Chen as Qin Zhun
Feng Bai as Hei Pao
Ren Wei as Su Jin Liu
Li Li as Yu Shan’s mother
Yu Dong Jiang as Yu Shan’s father
Li Si Yang as Liu Yan
Gui Ya Lei as Mrs. Xiao
Benz Hui as Director Xiao
Gao Yuan as Xie Yu Zhu
Ming Yu as Ai Lun Murray
Clive Walker as Lao Zhan
Summer Tian Tian as Li Yinian
Wang Chu as Li Lu Wang
Xiao Mei as Li Lu's wife
Qian Di Di as Lisa Leon

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