Tövbeler Olsun (Get Repentance) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

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The cast of Tövbeler Olsun (Get Repentance) Signed with many new series after Coronavirus, TRT 1 finally began preparations for the new series. Preparations for the new series, which will be broadcast on TRT 1 screens, have begun. In this regard, we will share with you the actors, plot story, and team production of the series.

TRT 1 is bringing new series to life for the new season. One of them is Tövbeler Olsun (Get Repentance). Directed by Serdar Akar, produced by Mustafa Fener, starring; Guven Kıraç, Ipek Tuzcuoğlu, Erkan Can, Cicek Dilligil, Unal Silver, Seda Turkmen and Sercan Badur are continuing to shoot the series. The series will bring the story of the two families to the screen soon at TRT 1

The cast of the series actors has been revealed. Serdar Akar will sit in the director's chair, written by Hasan Kaçan, and recently joined the cast of Guven Kiraç, Ipek Tuzcuoğlu, Erkan Can, Cicek Dilligil, Merve Erdogan, Mert Carim, Naz Çağla Irmak, Seda Akman and Ünal Silver.

Milim Sanat produced the series, which will be broadcast on TRT 1 screens in the new season. The screenwriter of The Repentance Get will be Hasan Kaçan, who currently presents the program Zaman Matinee on TRT 1 screens. The director's chair of the series will be an authoritarian director like Serdar Akar.

Synopsis of Tövbeler Olsun

The plot and story of the series, has not yet been shared. 2020/2021 in the new season trt 1 screens expected to be published on the new news and information of Tövbeler Olsun will continue to write to you on this page. If you have comments and opinions about this series, please write below. If you're curious about all the series that will be released in 2020, please click here >> new series to start in 2020

Tovbeler Olsun Cast
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Let's share with you the cast and detailed information while sitting serdar Akar in the director's chair of the series while Hasan Kaçan penned the screenplay. Here are the casts of the series;

Cast of Tövbeler Olsun

Naz Cagla Irmak
The lead character, which will tell the story of two families directed by Serdar Akar, who was written and produced by Hasan Kaçan, was Naz Cagla Irmak. Born in Ankara in 1997, the beautiful actress last appeared as Kader in the series Kirgın Cicekler, which aired on Atv and was quite successful. 

Guven Kiraç
Born in Istanbul on April 5, 1960, Guven Kıraç Mimar Sinan is a series of theatre-based actors who graduated from the state conservatory theatre department of Sinan University. Guven Kıraç, who has performed numerous plays since the 1990s, first appeared on television in 1997 with the series Dostlar Pasaji (Friends Passage). Guven Kirac, who has appeared in numerous series and films, last played the character of sleuth Vambery in Payitaht Abdulhamid series, which aired on TRT screens on Fridays.

Ipek Tuzcuoğlu
Ipek Tuzcuoğlu was born in Izmir in 1971. Ipek Tuzcuoğlu studied ballet from childhood and wanted to study dancers. At the age of 16, she became a dancer in the musical at Izmir State Theatre. After her education at Izmir Karşıyaka High School, she graduated from Ankara Hacettepe University State Conservatory Theatre Department. She worked within the Children and Youth Theatre of Ankara State Theatre. 

Erkan Can
Master actor Erkan Can was born in Bursa in 1958. In 1975, he started working at Bursa State Theatre. In 1985, he entered the Istanbul Municipal Conservatory Theatre Department and entered Bakirkoy Municipal Theatre after his education here. In 1992, he played the character Temel in the Mukhtars of the Neighborhood for the first time.

Çiçek Dilligil
Cicek Dilligil was born in Istanbul in 1969. She graduated from Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory. Her acting career began with the city actress. She was known for her children's program Dinazorus, which aired on Atv. She was part of the theatre square team. She is now a theatre instructor and head of departments at Müjdat Gezen Art Center. She is also a theatre instructor at Eyuboğlu College.

Merve Erdogan
Born in Nigde in 1991, Merve Erdogan made his debut as the lead actress in the series Soror witch. He graduated from The Theatre Department of Sinan Fine Arts High School of Private Fashion and then studied at Kadir Has University Theatre Department. Mujdat Gezen Art Center, Uskudar Musiki Society, Sadri Alışık Theatre. 

Mert Carim
He was born in Istanbul in 1986. He studied acting at Müjdat Gezen Art Center. In 2017, the song Kis Donmeden was released. While acting in theatre, he also made soundtracks to theatre plays. 

Naz Cagla Irmak
Born in Ankara in 1997, the young and beautiful actress first appeared with her mother in Bizim Evim Halleri. She became famous for her role as Kader in the series Kirgın Cicekler, which aired on Atv. 

Seda Akman
Born in Kutahya in 1978, actress Seda Akman studied diction and acting at Bilkent University and presented a TV show called Jetset on Kanal 6. Miss Palmolive was elected in 1998. She then finished fourth in the Miss Intercontinental competition, which was attended by 23 country beauties. In 1999, she was named Best Fotomodel in the Best Model of Turkey competition. The beauty is a registered actress who hosted in 2000 on different channels.

Sercan Badur
Born in Istanbul in 1990, Sercan Badur graduated from Mimar Sinan University Konsarvatuar theatre department. In 2010, he began working at the Dot Theatre. He starred in the tv series Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki. 

Unal Silver
Born in Istanbul in 1948, actor Unal Silver is an experienced player of the years. In 2010, she starred in the tv series Deli Saraylı. Afterwards, he played the role of Burhan in the tv series Gönülçelen. He played Atilla Sinaner in Kuzey Guney series. 

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