Twenty Your Life On (二十 不惑) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Twenty Your Life On (二十 不惑) is an urban inspirational growth drama starring Li Zhi, Guan Xiaotong, Jin Shijia, and Niu Junfeng. The series opens from the perspective of four girls who are about to graduate from college and enter the society, telling the story of youth troubles and growth confusion. The series will be broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV on July 14, 2020, and will be broadcast simultaneously on iQiyi.

This drama was produced by Linmon Pictures and aired on July 14, 2020. Direction from director Li Zhi and He has worked on the Mandarin Women in Beijing series. This drama will have a duration of 42 episodes. Twenty Your Life On can be witnessed every Monday to Sunday at 8 pm through iqiyi. This drama is also known as "Twenty Not Confused". Gabrielle Guan Xiao Tong was the main character. This beautiful actress has starred in many popular dramas, including Love of Aurora, Novoland: The Castle in the Sky, and Sweet Combat. Besides himself, this drama starred Bu Guan Jin, Teresa Li, Dong Si Yi, Kingscar Jin who also played in the drama Tientsin Mystic 2 and Niu Jun Feng.

Jiang Xiaoguo, a girl with no power, appearance and money, has always envied her three roommates. Duan Jiabao from a merchant family is wealthy but simple, only knowing to chase stars and good food, and carefree. Although Luo Yan hates her mother .....

Synopsis of Twenty Your Life On

Plot of stories about the worries of teenagers as they enter adulthood. This story focuses on the perspectives of four college girls who will soon graduate. They experienced anxiety and doubt in the years that would enter a different environment, the four girls reaped love, experienced growth at work. Jiang Xiao Guo (Bu Guan Jin) is a girl who has no strength or even appearance and money. This always made him jealous of three friends who lived in one room. In contrast to Duan Jia Bao (Dong Si Yi), she comes from a rich family but has only modest desires. She's a jolly girl who cares to chase celebrities and eat delicious food. 

Twenty Your Life On
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Luo Yan (Teresa Li) is a woman who is confident and very confident for her future but has problems with her mother. Meanwhile Liang Shuang (Gabrielle Guan Xiao) is a diligent, beautiful young girl and she has proven herself more than able to adapt to society. She did not know that everyone would have problems and trials of contradicting her own life. Duan Jia Bao felt her first love, but the man was also liked by his friend. Luo Yan who tried to understand his mother, actually knew the secret that had long been kept. Whereas Liang Shuang still needs to learn so that he does not hurt the people around him. In one year, the girls get closer to each other.

Details of Twenty Your Life On 

Title: Twenty Your Life On
Chinese Title: 二十 不惑 (Twenty Do Not Be Confused)
Genres: Friendship, Romance, Youth
Country: China
Filming Location: Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province
Director: Li Zhi
Producer: Xu Xiao'ou, Chen Fei
Screenwriter: Zhang Qingxin, Zhong Wuyan, Zhi Baodan,
Production: Linmon Pictures
TV channel: Hunan TV, iQIYI
Number of Episodes: 42 Episodes
Length of Each Episode: 45 Minute
Airing Period: July 14, 2020 - August 6, 2020
Showtimes: Monday - Sunday, 20:00 CST

Cast of Twenty Your Life On 

Gabrielle Guan Xiao Tong as Liang Shuang
Bu Guan Jin as Jiang Xiao Guo
Teresa Li as Luo Yan
Dong Si Yi as Duan Jia Bao
Kingscar Jin as Zhou Xun
Niu Jun Feng as Zhao You Xiu
Wang An Yu as Duan Zhen Yu
Vincent Cao as Lu Ran Xu
Shao Ying as Xiong Zhi
Zhao Yi Ji as Li Tian Yang
Zhou Jia Cheng as Zhao Xiao Juan


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