When Will Sol Yanım (My Left Side) be Released?

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Who will be in the cast of Sol Yanım (My Left Side)? when will be released? And on which Tv channel the series be aired?

Star TV will be screened in November and preparations are underway, the lead role of the production left side has been revealed. Here are the details!

The channels have gained momentum in the works as they prepare for the September broadcast period, in which they will appear in front of the audience with new productions. Production companies are working hard to finish preparations for this, especially if they want to land on the sets as soon as possible in case the coronavirus is re-effective. The work and cast work has accelerated in the series Sol Yanım (My Left Side), which will be screened on Star TV in the coming period and prepared by BKM Production. 

Written by Serdar Gözelekli and Melis Civelek, the series began to be announced in succession. Cansel Elchin and Esra Bezen Bilgin announced yesterday, then today the name of the actress who will play the lead role in the series became clear. It was learned that Özge Yağız will star in the lead role of the series, which will be one of the ambitious series of the new broadcasting period. Here are the details!
New names have joined the cast of the series, one of the intriguing productions of the new season. Starring Özge Yağız, the beloved lead actress of Yemin (The Promise) series, bkm's left-wing series for The Star has been joined by 2 new names. Preparations are underway for the series, which will be directed by Serdar Gözelekli. Bkm The film's new series, Sol Yanım (My Left Side), will be on Star TV screens in November. Özge Yağız and Ilhan Şen will also be in the cast of the tv series, which continues to be cast.

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Melis Civelek, one of the strongest pens, is the script for the series, one of the ambitious projects of the new era. Özge Yağız, who was also highly acclaimed abroad in his series, which aired on Kanal 7 screens, had gained an international reputation. New names to accompany Yağız in the cast were Cansel Elçin and Esra Bezen Bilgin, who will see on screens again with the new series Left Side. Cansel Elchin last appeared in Dayan Yuregim series, and Esra Bezen Bilgin appeared in Bizim Hikaye series.

When does Sol Yanım series start?

Sol Yanım (My Left Side), which brings young stars together with master names, begins on Star TV on Thursday, November 26, 20.00.

Sol Yanım (My Left Side) Series Cast

Özge Yağız
Özge Yağız, who left Yemin series, is known to want to appear in prime time as the lead role; Özge Yağız, who does not accept the offer from many series because he does not like his role, is thought to accept the offer of female lead role in Sol Yanim series from BKM Film. Özge Yağız was born on April 10, 1997 and is 23 years of age.  Özge Yağız Yemin, who took acting courses at the Capital Academy of Communication Sciences and No10 Studio, has even become famous. Özge Yağız's first series is also a one-day series, Adini Sen Koy. The beautiful actress is in love with her partner Gökberk Demirci from Yemin series.

Ilhan Sen
Ilhan Şen is one of the most remarkable players of recent times, is one of the players who is wanted to be the partner of Özge Yağız. Last season, Ramo worked with BKM Film and left ramo series because the script ended Ilhan Şen was previously loved for the character mete he gave life in the series Of Şahin Tepesi. Ilhan Şen, who was eye-catching with his successful acting in all the series EDHO, he also appeared as Ferman Façalı and proved his beginning in different types of projects. Born in Bulgaria in 1987, Ilhan Şen is one of the registered handsome. Ilhan Şen Yildiz, who is 6-foot-10, graduated from Yildiz Technical University, Department of Civil Engineering. He doesn't have a known girlfriend.

Cansel Elchin
Finally, Cansel Elçin has now signed the new series Sol Yanim of Star TV. Cansel Elçin, who appeared as Adnan in Aglama Anne series, was born on September 20, 1973 in Izmir Tire and is over 47 years of age. Cansel Elchin, the lover of actress Zeynep Tugçe Bayat, spent his youth in France and studied theatre in France. Canel Elchin, who met Ferzan Özpetek in a play, received his first series offer from him and received great acclaim for his handsomeness and acting ability in every project he took part in in Turkey.  Cansel Elçin has recently appeared in Dayan Yuregim and Eve Donus series, but has been disappointed with these series.

Esra Bezen Bilgin
Esra Bezen Bilgin finally signed the film BKM and agreed to partner with Cansel Elçin in The Left Side series. Esra Bezen Bilgin, a famous actress who has not appeared in the series for a long time, was very popular with the character of Sukran, which she gave life in Our Family series. Esra Bezen Bilgin, daughter of master actress Metin Bilgin, was born in Ankara in 1973 and is 47 years old. She graduated from Ankara State Conservatory Theatre Department. She is married to theatre director Mehmet Ergen and is the mother of a son. She was interested in theatre in 2019 and 2020.

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