Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) Season 4 Release Date

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When will the new 4th season of Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) begin? Şevval Sam and Eda Ece announced the date of filming ....

Fox TV's acclaimed phenomenon series's filming began announced by actress Şevval Sam. Fans of the series began to look forward to the good news. Eda Ece, who plays the star, gave the first tips for the new season of Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple), which has returned to the busy business pace.

The series, which has been suspended from filming during pandemia time, is counting down the days to longing for the series, which is far from fans. While the new episode is eagerly awaited; Eda Ece, one of the best actress in the series, detonated the new season bomb.

As she prepared to embrace her audience with her episode, Ece gave the message "hold on to the lovers of the series".

Yasak Elma Season 4
Starring Eda Ece, Talat Bulut, Şevval Sam and Nesrin Cavadzade, Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) season 4 counting the days to return to screens. Sharing from the set of the series, the famous actors-actresses showed that they are just as excited for the new episodes as their fans.

Beautiful actress Eda Ece posted a photo from the set; "Set! Don't say season 4 say no bombs" dropped the note. Ece's use of snake, apple and crown emojis was interpreted as 'Summary of the Forbidden Apple series'. Fans of the series bombarded Ece with the question of "When will the Forbidden Apple start?"

yasak elma season 4
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Yasak Elma, which has been suspended due to the Coronavirus, is set to return to screens. Şevval Sam, Talat Bulut, Eda Ece Yildiz, starring Şafak Pekdemir, 4. While the date of the start day, which will meet its lovers with the season, was expected, the photo from the set excited fans of the series. Here's information about the new season date of Yasak Elma.

When Yasak Elma Season 4 Released? 
Actor Şevval Sam who previously made a statement with Yasak Elma: "I think we'll go out on the set like the beginning of August and the end of July. We need stock in September, anything can happen any minute. This time it looks like we're going to start filming at that time so we don't leave you without the Forbidden Apple," he said.
Television's beloved series Yasak Elma had to take a break from filming during the pandemic process. Forbidden Apple last appeared on March 23 with its 74th episode. With the emergence of the Pandemi process, FOX TV announced that the Forbidden Apple series was making the finale. So when are forbidden apple players going back to filming?

Yasak Elma's lead actors Eda Ece and Şevval Sam answered questions from fans on their live broadcast on Instagram. Explaining the new episodes, Şevval Sam announced that filming for season 4 of the series will begin on July 25. Şevval Sam, "We plan to go on the set for season 4 of the Forbidden Apple on July 25. We'll start shooting early to get stocky. We were caught stockless because pandemic was unexpected. If we had a few episodes of stock, we wouldn't deprive you until the end of the season. Like other shows, we will open the new season in September."

Yasak Elma Season 4 Release Date
The new season of Yasak Ekma (Forbidden Apple), which airs on FOX TV screens, will begin on Monday, September 7 ,2020. for the new 75th episode, the company attracted attention from the games that everyone has turned from behind. Here's the latest trailer for the new episode .....

What happen in the last episode?
While Yildiz is surprised to learn that Karim is the new CEO, she learns that she has been hired by Shahika and tries to stay away from her. Ender understands Shahika's treacherous plan and does her best to get them out of their lives. Shahika's offer to save herself, however, will appeal to her. Khalid, on the other hand, is determined to do his best to win back Yildiz, but Yildiz is already confused.


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When it will be broad cast?
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Maybe in September, as stated by the main player; Sevval Sam.