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Youth Unprescribed (非处方青春) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

Youth Unprescribed (非处方青春) is the latest Chinese drama genre Romance and School, airing on Tuesday, July 7, 2020 through web streaming drama Youku and has 24 episodes. Youku VIP users can immediately watch the entire chinese drama on the release day. Director Song Lin Guo who worked on it and the shooting took place in Huzhou City. The players are Song Nan Xi, Ma Hao dong, Wang Yi Xuan and Wang Run Ze who have starred in the drama "A Little Thing Called First Love".

During the school season of Southeast Medical University, Wu Yue, a freshman in clinical medicine dreaming of a surgeon, met seven other students with different personalities and started university life.
The university life of a group of freshmen in medical school will soon begin. Looking for self, rejecting tags, and pursuing dreams are the main thrust of this drama. As a grounded youth group drama, everyone can find their own youth story in this drama.

Synopsis of Youth Unprescribed

The plot of the story of the life of a group of medical students at the university about finding one's identity and chasing everyone's dream Wu Yue (Song Nan Xi) is a girl who has aspirations to become a surgeon. She became a new student at Southeast Medical University. New teachings began, She met with seven other classmates. When exploring the medical life, they discover each other's personalities and habits and often become a source of problems for them.

Youth Unprescribed cast
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Wu Yue and Gao Yi Yang (Ma Hao dong) are the type to always fight. They are like two planets colliding with each other. A young girl accompanying her mother who is sick to the doctor also enters into their lives. The life and journey that were so valuable in the process of becoming a real doctor were carried out by these eight students. Some of them also have their own romantic romance. Until finally they took the Hippocratic oath together. What will be the exciting ending of their next life? Will everyone really get happiness with what they have been dreaming of?

Detail of Youth Unprescribed

Title: Youth Unprescribed
非处方青春/ Fei Chu Fang Qing Chun (Non-prescription Youth)
Genres: Drama, Romance, School, Medical
Country: China
Director: Song Lin Guo
Producers: Zhao Xudong, Wang Jun, Xue Miao, Lin Wang, Zhu Zhitao
Screenwriter: Xia Rui
Production: Woodfilm
Production, Huahai Pictures
TV channel: Youku
Number of Episodes: 24
Airing Period: 7 July 2020
Showtimes: Tuesday

Cast of Youth Unprescribed

Song Nan Xi as Wu Yue
Ma Hao, please be Gao Yi Yang
Wang Run Ze as Sun Shi Zhen
Wang Yi Xuan as Lan Qi Xing
Yuan Yu Xuan as Tong Yu Shi
Liu Zhe Hui as Yao Wei Jing
Yan Jun as Wen Hao
Teng Yi as Shi Jie Fang
Wen Qiang as Teacher Zhu He
Xin Rui as Shi Xi Xi
Xi Mei Juan as Yao Shunyu's grandmother
Tao Hui Min as Wen Hao's Mother


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