Consummation (拾 光 的 秘密) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Consummation (拾 光 的 秘密) is the latest Chinese drama production from Huanyu Film. This drama raises the genre of Thriller, Mystery, and Romance which premiered starting July 22, 2020. 

Directed by Qi Xiao Hui who had worked on the Mandarin Netflix series A Little Thing Called First Love. Consummation can be watched every Wednesday to Friday on Mango TV. This drama stars Zhao Yi Qin and Li Hao Fei. They both became the main role. Zhao Yi Qin previously starred in the Chinese drama My Girl and Fake Princess. Meanwhile, Li Hao Fei has played in the Unexpected, 2018 series.

The series tells a group of high school friends headed by Lin Shanhe and Cui Zhenyan. Ten years later, in order to help the hero Xia Shi get out of the psychological trauma caused by the accident of the heroine Ye Sangyu, the story is brought back through an experience game. Ten years ago, when I was a student, I restored the truth of the mystery case in the virtual game world to retrieve the lost friendship story.

Synopsis of Consummation

A story about a VR game where you can create realistic dreams. Teenagers go back to the past when school was on its way to self-healing. 

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Ten years since middle school, Lin Shang He (David Chou), Cui Zhen Yan (Huang Xin Yao), and their close friends are thinking of ways to help Xia Shi (Zhao Yi Qin) overcome the psychological trauma that he has suffered since the accident of Ye Sang Yu (Li Hao Fei). A VR game, virtual reality brings Xia Shi back to the past while still a school student. It aims to enable him to unravel the mystery through his memory while also recovering the friendship that has been lost.

Detail of Consummation

Title: Consummation
Chinese Title: 拾 光 的 秘密 (The Secret of Picking up Light)
Genres: Suspense, Thriller, Mystery, Romance, Youth
Country: China
Filming Location Hengdian
Director: Qi Xiao Hui, Guo Hao
Producer: Yu Zheng
Screenwriter: Yu Zheng, Yang Nan
Production: Huanyu Film
TV channel: Mango TV
Number of Episodes: 24 Episodes
Airing Period: 22 July 2020 - 14 August 2020
Showtimes: Wednesday - Friday

Cast of Consummation

Zhao Yi Qin as Xia Shi
Xu Yin Han as Xia Shi (Young)
Li Hao Fei as Ye Sang Yu
David Chou as Lin Shan He
Huang Xin Yao as Cui Zhen Yan
Wang Yi Zhe as Zhong Fan
Xin Dong Si Yi as Xu Ranran
Yalkun Merxat as Su Zhe
Chang Long as Zhang Ping
Wang Dong as Xia Kuangyu
Yao Tong as Gao Yukun
Wang Le Fu as Shi Lang Cheng
Li Sha as Meng Xia
Liu Min as Shu Yulin Sean


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