Dance of the Phoenix (且听凤鸣) Synopsis And Cast: C-Drama

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Dance of the Phoenix (且听凤鸣) Dance of the Phoenix is ​​a new Chinese drama produced by Tencent Penguin Pictures that will simultaneously broadcast on WeTV. This drama will begin airing on August 10, 2020. The series can be watched from Monday to Wednesday at 20.00 CST. 

This drama was produced by director Chan Ka Lam. He is the director of the hit drama The Untamed. Lifting the genre Historical, Romance, and Fantasy. This Chinese series will have 30 episodes starring a row of famous artists. Among them are Yang Chao Yue, Xu Kai Cheng, Jinna, Estelle Chen, Wang Hao Xuan, and Caesar Guo. Yang Chao Yue from the series Ever Night: Season 2 while Xu Kai Cheng has played in the Chinese drama Well Intended Love.

The series is adapted from the novel "The Queen of the Phoenix Doctor" written by Su Xiaonuan. It tells the story of Feng Wu, a talented girl in the Junwu mainland who was counted as a waste, and Meng Yuan, a modern medical student, accidentally entered the world of immortality and became Feng Wu, using Chinese medicine knowledge to protect another world. He also fell in love with Jun Linyuan and started the story of second life. The show was broadcast on Tencent Video on August 10, 2020.

Synopsis of Dance of the Phoenix

Feng Wu (Yang Chao Yue) was originally known as a genius girl and was praised by many people. But one day she was framed for being a victim of cunning. Finally Feng Wu also had to be exiled. A girl from today's modern world entered into Feng Wu's cultivation world and body. She falls in love with Jun Lin Yuan (Xu Kai Cheng). In the process, Zuo Qing Yu (Jinna) is cunning and dislikes him to the point that Feng Wu is in a critical state and loses a lot of pure phoenix blood. The teacher spent a lot of energy just to save Feng Wu and fell asleep. 

Dance of the phoenix
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In the 21st century, Meng Yuan (Yang Chao Yue) is a young girl and student of traditional Chinese medicine who prefers to be at home. He accidentally entered another world of cultivation and became Feng Wu's form. At times Feng Wu had to endure many new trials when he had a relationship with Jun Lin Yuan. He was also involved in many unexpected things. Meanwhile, when Meng Yuan lived as Feng Wu, he used his knowledge and skills in traditional Chinese medicine to protect the people he loved.

Details of Dance of the Phoenix

Title: Dance of the Phoenix

Other Tirle: Divine Medical Phoenix Queen

Chinese Title: 且听 凤鸣 (Listen to the Phoenix)

Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy

Country: China

Filming Location: Hengdian

Director: Chan Ka Lam

Producer: Fang Fang, Li Xing

Scriptwriter: Yao Nan

Year Production: 2019

Production: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Xin Guang Pictures

TV channels: Tencent Video, WeTV

Number of Episodes: 30 Episodes

Broadcast period: August 10, 2020 - August 24, 2020

Showtimes: Monday - Wednesday, 20:00 CST

Cast of Dance of the Phoenix 

Yang Chao Yue as Feng Wu / Meng Yuan

Xu Kai Cheng as Jun Lin Yuan

Jinna / Fu Jing as Zuo Qing Luan

Estelle Chen as Yin Zhao Ge

Wang Hao Xuan as Yu Ming Ye

Caesar Guo as Feng Xun

Wang Ting as Feng Shu

Gao Ji Cai as Xuan Yi

Cheng Mo as Mu Yao

Sun Ya Li as Qiu Ling Yao

Shu Hao as Gao Wei

Yang Ming Na as Gao Sheng Hou

Xing Wen Jie as Da Zhang Lao

Dong Yan as Feng Liu

Pan Lu Yu as Feng Yiran

Yang Han as Huang Li

Li Chuan as Mu Jiuchuan


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