Dear Herbal Lord (亲爱 的 药王 大人) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Dear Herbal Lord (亲爱 的 药王 大人) is the latest Chinese web drama produced by QSYY. This drama airs on iQIYI starting Monday, August 10, 2020 with a duration of 24 episodes. This drama raises the genre Romance, Medical, and Fantasy. 

Dear Herbal Lord (亲爱 的 药王 大人) is a Mandarin series adapted from the novel "Huang Shu Qing Chi Yao (Uncle Emperor Please Take Medicine)" by Mu Qing Qing, which tells the memorable love between Banlangen Xian Xiao Songlan and Master Yao Wang. Yan Xi and Ding Yi Yi will compete acting as the main character. Yan Xi was previously known for his drama entitled About Is Love. This will be Ding Yi Yi's first role to play the main character. He previously also performed beautifully through the China Nice To Meet You series as his friend Gao Jie.

Synopsis of Dear Herbal Lord

The series is about the story of the love romance that doesn't disappear between Xiao Song Lan (Ding Yi Yi) and Chu Zhi Mo (Yan Xi). Xiao Song Lan is a fairy formed from Isatis roots and has a life goal to complete her immortal cultivation. Chu Zhi Mo is a Medicine King. The two of them became involved after Xiao Song Lan was mistakenly eaten by the princess. In order to escape, She had to force a marriage with Chu Zhi Mo in order to absorb her medicinal energy. Even though Song Lan is a cute Isatis root figure and looks ridiculous, he is a very stubborn type. 

Dear King of Medicine
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Her entire actions of seeking Chu Zhi Mo's attention were often ignored by her. Yet Song Lan was not ashamed of his bold intention to marry her. For the sake of realizing all of these things, He was even willing to make a special trip to return to Shenxiang Mountain and bring some of his fairy companions and return to the human mortal world. Some of the fairies came from ginseng dolls, then beautiful turmeric, angelica's potion. They were all ready to help Song Lang pursue his love.

Detail of Dear Herbal Lord

Title: Dear Herbal Lord

Title: 亲爱 的 药王 大人 (Dear King of Medicine)

Genre: Historical, Romance, Medical, Fantasy

Country: China

Filming location: Hengdian

Year Production: 2019

Director: Hu Chu Xi

Producer: Zuo Xue Feng

Scriptwriter: Wang Tian Chu

Production: QSYY

TV channel: iQIYI

Number of Episodes: 24 Episodes

Broadcast period: August 10, 2020

Showtimes: Monday, 12:00 CST

Cast of Dear Herbal Lord

Yan Xi as Chu Zi Mo

Ding Yi Yi as Jiang Qing Yun / Xiao Song Lan

Leo Yang as Xiao Zi Ming

Cai Xiang Yu as Xiao Ya Gao

Cheng Yi as Jing Yi Ran

Jiang Yu Wei as Xia Shao Hang

Yu An Liu as Yu Wang Bo

Qing Sun as Wei Mu


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