Episode 10 Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong): Turkish Drama

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Has the new 10th episode trailer of Yanlış (Mr. Wrong) has released? In the last episode; What Serdar said causes Ozgur to get very angry and Ozgur is looking for a fist on his opponent.

The 10th episode of Bay  Yanlış (Mr. Wrong) series, will be screened on every Fridays at 08 P.M. In the last episode; Ezgi and Ozgur, who have difficulty admitting feelings that are no longer possible to describe what they feel, enjoy the moment they live by ignoring every obstacle that casts a shadow over their relationship. Mr. Wrong in the last chapter; Just as everything was getting better, Serdar realized that Ozgur was in close interest to Ezgi with both his speeches and behaviors, and cold winds blew between them while revealing his discomfort with his iineruous words.

Yesim and Serdar factor, as well as the idea of the unity of Ezgi and Ozgur, the families who categorically rejected the idea of the 'obstacles list' added to the 'obstacles list' to open the distance between them as much as possible and to prepare the ground for them to stay away from each other.

Ozgur and Ezgi's mothers make plans and try to separate the duo, placing the free fist that does not yield to Serdar's provocation. Ozgur is very excited about Ezgi's birthday, while serdar makes a big move in the surprise event. Ozgur, who saw the pair getting closer, is surprised by what happened. Let's see how this development affects the pair's love .....

Bay Yanlis Episode 10
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In the last episode; As they progressed in their relations day by day, the events that developed after obstacles appeared in front of Ozgur and Ezgi began to turn to Arab hair. While the people around him were immediately aware of the existence of feelings that they could not resist, they did their best not to start this union. Here is 10th episode trailer and episode summary of Bay  Yanlış (Mr. Wrong) ...

Bay  Yanlış (Mr. Wrong) Episode 10 Trailer
Written by Aslı Zengin and Banu Zengin Tak, directed by Deniz Yorulmazer and produced by Faruk Turgut, GOLD Film signed by Faruk Turgut, fox tv every Friday evening in front of the audience the new episode trailer hosted fans with surprises.

Bay  Yanlış (Mr. Wrong) Episode 10 Summary:
Ezgi takes her breath away in Bursa after all the disappointments she experienced. Nevin and Unal question this state of Ezgi. Although Ezgi hides her experiences with Ozgur, everything is revealed when Ozgur comes to Bursa. Ozgur's apology doesn't change anything. It was very sad for Ozgur not to trust her. As Ozgur is left alone, he misses Ezgi even more and understands how much he falls in love with her. This situation activates Ozan. Cansu and Deniz are also upset and regretted for mistreating Ezgi. They also try to unite with Ozan and bring Ezgi and Ozgur together. Let's see if this plan is enough for the two of them to make up.

The cast; Can Yaman (Ozgur Atasoy), Özge Gürel (Ezgi Inal), Fatma Toptaş (Cansu Akman), Serkay Tobacconist (Ozan Dinçer), Sarp Can Köroğlu (Serdar Öztürk), Suat Sungur (Ünal Yilmaz) with the 10th episode is preparing to host the audience on Fox TV channel at 20:00 on Friday, September 4th. The serie will be updated on September 4th. Thank You .......
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