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Episode 6 Sen Çal Kapımı (You Knock On My Door)

The new 6th episode trailer of Sen Çal Kapımı (You Knock On My Door) has released!  "No one can make you cry!". What happen in the new episode?

On Wednesday, August 12, the last episode, which appeared in front of the audience, drew attention to the closeness of Eda and Serkan, who went to Antalya. Immediately after the exciting episode, Eda's encounter with a challenging task in the trailer for the new episode was aroused curiosity. Here, 6th episode trailer and episode summary of  Sen Çal Kapımı (You Knock On My Door).

Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin starring for the series and became indispensable met with their lovers on Wednesday, August 12 with 5th episode. Eda's move to save Serkan increased the excitement in the last episode, while the support from Serkan drew attention in the new episode trailer. You can follow the latest episode of the duo's adventure and the new episode trailer from our news.

What happen in the last episode?

The team that went to Antalya to sign an important agreement is waiting for a surprise. Both investors need to be signed, but they don't want to come together because they're about to get divorced. Serkan and Eda have a duty to bring them together. In the magical moments they spend together in Antalya, Eda and Serkan get closer than they expected.

Episode 6 Sen Çal Kapımı
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In the meantime, a new crisis created by Kaan Karadag will be a test for Eda. The risk that he risked to save Serkan will also cause him to notice his feelings for her. Serkan, on the other hand, is getting more and more attracted to Eda's charms.

Sen Çal Kapımı Episode 6 Trailer Part 1

Serkan wipes Eda's tears and feels that he is next to her, "Nothing is worth your tears, no one can make you cry!"

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 6 Trailer Part 2


Sen Çal Kapımı Episode 6 Summary:

Serkan saves Eda from the paparazzi. Regardless of the reward he's going to get, talk to Selin and the contract he's been working on for months.

Eda thinks their relationship has taken on a whole new dimension. But it really is? Except for her flood! Eda's freaking out when she finds out. Selin is extremely happy.

In Serkan's absence, Eda has promised an important client that she will finish an impossible job in one day. When Serkan shows up, the noise of fighting in the office grows. The team is split in two by Eda and Serkan. Eda tries to grow the customer's job while trying to find out where Serkan is missing. The tension between Serkan and Eda will end together in the morning.

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