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Episode 7 Bay Yanlış (Mr.Wrong): Turkish Drama

Has the new 7th episode trailer of Bay Yanlış (Mr.Wrong) been released? in the last episode; Ozgur and Ezgi's beloved game, which returned from Göcek, is over.

You will be very surprised to hear the owner & price of the house with a view that adorns dreams in Wrong! In recent weeks, The series project began to air on Fox TV, Can Yaman's house in the series turned out to be who actually belongs to the starring in the series Ozgur's life as a script because of the real owner of the house was announced as the famous artist Linet.

In the recent production, Bay Yanlış (Mr.Wrong), which debuted on Fox TV with its first episode, the enquiries about who really belonged to the magnificent luxury house where The Free character sits as a part has begun to increase. Mr. Wrong, who will be screened throughout the summer, and the cast of Ozgur role played by Can Yaman because of the magnificent appearance of the house gathered all the attention from the first episode.

Bay Yanlış (Mr.Wrong)'s large view of Ozgur's duplex house costs $1 million 250 thousand dollars, leaving the mouths open, on the other hand the real owner of the house worth wealth was informed that the famous artist we know well.
Bay Yanlis Episode 7
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Linet, who has a large fan base with his music pieces in the art world, which is the main owner of the house, was paid $1 million 250 thousand dollars to his house with a pool, which is frequently featured in Bay Yanlış (Mr.Wrong) series. Those who followed singer Linet via social media platform Instagram immediately recognized the house where Can Yaman was seated as a script.

The amount to be paid to Ebru Gündeş, which will increase its tempo with Ses Türkiye, has stunned everyone... 

What happen in the last episode?
Ozgur (Can Yaman); he is a restaurant-bar owner who lives a rich but wobbly life and does not believe in love. Ezgi (Özge Gürel) is; now tired of the wrong relationships and determined to get married. Seeing that Ezgi is not successful in relationship issues, Ozgur begins to mentor her about relationships and give her tactics to get the man Ezgi likes. Ozgur and Ezgi, who live in neighboring houses, will experience what they will experience over time .....

Ozgur and Ezgi's beloved game, which returned from Göcek, is over. They're both sad, rather than relaxing and moving on. Ezgi settles for dinner with Serdar, but she's very confused. she feels like she doesn't want it as much as she used to, and she goes back and forth between her emotions and her logic. That's why she'll find excuses for dinner and try to put it off. Ozgur is no longer the same with Serdar. He's starting to feel uncomfortable with his presence. Ezgi also realizes these changes in Ozgur and begins to question whether she is in love with him.

Bay Yanlış (Mr.Wrong) Episode 7 Trailer:

Bay Yanlış (Mr.Wrong) Episode 7 Summary:
Ezgi is the first thing in La Gabbia to organize a Latin night. Serdar will participate in this event and he wants to tango with Ezgi. However, Ezgi has to learn this dance in a short time because she does not know tango and lies to Serdar about it. Ozgur, who is successful in tango, will necessarily help Ezgi with this. Although Ezgi and Ozgur are influenced by each other while practicing together, Jade and serdar's presence prevents them from expressing it. In the meantime, Soner's emergence will complicate everything, and what happened tonight will lead to Ozgur and Ezgi opening a new chapter in their relationship. 

Bay Yanlış (Mr.Wrong) is on FOX on Friday at 8 P.M. with the new episode!

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