Güllerin Savaşı (War of Roses) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

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Güllerin Savaşı (War of Roses) series, which is screened on Saturday evenings on Kanal D, continues its success in the ratings with its 2nd season. The highly anticipated War of Roses is the 51st eppisode. The episode trailer met the audience. In addition, a famous actor is joined by Tibetan Yalcin in the series. Here are the details...

Kanal D's series, which marked last season, was included in Güllerin Savaşı (War of Roses) a famous actor Kenan Ece. The famous actor, who will be screened in the 51st episode of the series, which will be screened on Saturday evening, comes across the character of the great textile player Tibetan. Ece, who wants the audience to be ready for big surprises in the new season, spoke about the participation of the cast of the series. 

"I am very happy to join a squad with players I like very much. A quality job that caught its audience with its gripping storyline is  Güllerin Savaşı (War of Roses). Tibetan Yalcin character is a fun and attractive character that will add excitement to the series. I can't wait to get in front of the audience."

 " Güllerin Savaşı (War of Roses)", where love, jealousy, pride and excitement will be intertwined, is on Kanal D every Saturday at 08 P.M.

Synopsis of Güllerin Savaşı

Her war is a real nightmare of an innocent childhood dream; It's the story of a young girl turning into a disaster, then her family and all her loved ones. While you want to be "Like", being "O" is the story of the spiritual collapse that occurs when the lost innocence and the transformation of one from one self to another."Gulru (Damla Sönmez) , who was born in one of Istanbul's outskirts and grew up in the mansion where her father was gardening, has only one wish since she was 6 years old; Although there is a difference between the life she was born and the life she was in, Gulru has taken on both lives with her bittersweetness. 

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Mert (Yigit Kirazcı), who loves her very much but knows the world of mansions and schools because of his material spiritual complexes, has a childhood love they continue to poop for. With Gülfem (Canan Ergüder) returning home years later, Gulru's childish admiration flares up. Gulfem's unforgettable love, which is her first heartbreak, is that they met Gulru in an unusual way, and that nothing will be the same in the mansion or the neighborhood after that. When Omer (Barış Kılıç) confuses Gulru first, then his heart and introduces him to true love, it is inevitable that dreams and truths will be turned upside down.Gulru's dreams with Gulfem, who is at the peak of his life, are the testers of love and war, rewriting the fate of everyone around them, for both of them in love and in war.

Cast of Güllerin Savaşı

Damla Sönmez as Gulru

Damla Sönmez studied violin for 1 year in piano at Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory. After graduating from St. Joseph's High School, she studied theatre at paris sorbonne university in France and continued his theatre department at Yeditepe University. At the same time, the musical at Istanbul University State Conservatory...

Barış Kılıç as Omer

Barış Kilic was born on February 21, 1978 in Arguvan, Malatya. He moved to Istanbul in 1983. 1 older sister has 1 sister. His father is a retired elementary school teacher. Okmeydani graduated from Anatolian High School. He graduated from istanbul university's economics faculty. After graduating, he went to America to develop his foreign language.

Canan Ergüder as Gulfem

After graduating from Uskudar American High School, Canan Ergüder studied sociology and theatre at Franklin and Marshall College. He then earned a master's degree in acting at the legendary school New York Actors Studio Drama School. Ergüder, who has played many plays, has also won a lifetime membership at Actors Studio despite his young age.

Serap Aksoy as Cahide

Serap Aksoy graduated from the Istanbul State Conservatory ballet department and studied ballet, state opera and ballet at the Munich Academy of Music. He also plays in the film and TV series and is a presenter. Serap Aksoy is a member of Chad. He was married to politician Aydin Guven Gürkan until the death of Gürkan.

Atilla Şendil as Salih Meltem 

Atilla Şendil is an actor in theatre, film and television, and he's a voice actor. Atilla Şendil graduated from Mimar Sinan University, State Conservatory, Theatre Department in 1987 and served as a staff artist at Trabzon State Theatre in the same year. Since 1997, he has appeared in films and tv shows.

Yigit Kirazcı as Mert

Born in 1983 at Istanbul Şişli Can Hospital, Yigit Kirazcı was originally from Balikesir Ören and originally from Nigde by his father. Yigit Kirazcı is a graduate of Bilgi University Faculty of Communication, Department of Advertising. Umit Apprentice has taken acting classes at Modern Acting Technical Workshop. 

Arif Pishkin as Şevket

Arif Pishkin was born in Istanbul in 1970. He completed his education at Anadolu University State Conservatory Theatre Department. Arif Pishkin, who started his acting career in 1994, has also appeared in such series as Wild, Bridge, Conscience, Güllerin Savaşı (War of Roses). Atv screens broadcast bandit will not rule the world in the cast of the series ...

Sercan Badur as Cihan

Sercan Badur continues his education in The Conservatory Theatre Department of M.S.U. He started working at dot theatre in 2010. He starred in Cagan Irmak's film "What's in the Dark". 

Meltem Pamirtan as Mesude

Meltem Pamirtan Kasap was born in Ankara in 1977. She completed her education at Hacettepe University State Conservatory Theatre Department. She made her acting debut in 2003 with the latest series Of FatherS Hears; Olive Branch, 24 Hours, Windy Garden, Song of Life, Small Steps, Behind Bars, and Princess Perfinya.

Berk Vasiwas as Yener

Berk Vasiwas born in Istanbul in 1983. He completed his education at Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory Theatre Department. Berk Common, who had her first acting experience in 2010 with the perfect double series; He later appeared in the series Of Lightning Falling Home, Gullerin Savasi, and loves and a sin.

Munir Apaydın as Mebrure

Munir Apaydın started his primary school at Manisa Ali Riza Agile Primary School, Manisa Fatih Anatolian High School and high school at Manisa Fatih Anatolian High School and graduated from Manisa High School. He also graduated from Anadolu University Theatre Department. She is the daughter of a family from Konya. In 1995, he was charged with hanging a banner on a train that read "No to paid education" and being a member of an illegal organization...

Zeynep Köse as Yonca

In 2008, Zeynep Köse graduated from the I.U. Conservatory Theatre Department. Yildiz had the opportunity to work with masters such as Kenter. Shortly before it was finalized that Ezel would be in the staff, she was admitted to Bakirkoy Municipal Theatre.

Feyza Civelek as Çiçek

Born in 1995, young actress Feyza Civelek was born in Istanbul. In 2009, she made her acting debut in the series Novice Witch. Feyza Civelek has so far appeared in shows such as Novice Witch, Magic Mom, Poplar Wounds, Amir's Path, And Gullerin Savasi. 

Aslı Içözü as Halide

Aslı Içözü was born in Istanbul in 1964. She completed her education at Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory Theatre Department. Asli Içözü, one of the founders of Semaver Kumpanya; She made her acting debut in 2006 with the European Side series; Wedding Singer, Spring Branches, Earth Sky Love, Al Yazmalım, and Calikusu.

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