Love Yourself (他 其实 没有 那么 爱 你) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Love Yourself (他 其实 没有 那么 爱 你) is the latest Chinese web drama by the production house New Classics Media with iqiyi. The famous writer Qin Wen worked on the story scenario for this drama. Love Yourself can be watched for free every Wednesday to Thursday on iqiyi. The drama, which has 36 episodes, tells the story of four career women who are approaching their 30s and have to face problems in their love lives. 

Starring 4 beautiful actresses namely Victoria Song, Karlina Zhang, Frida Li, and Hong Kong actress Celina Jade. Victoria Song has played in the Mandarin dramas Find Yourself, Love Under the Moon, and Moonshine and Valentine. Besides the four of them, the drama Love Yourself also presented Tony Yang and Ryan Zheng.

The series tells about four women in their thirties who continue to seek their own growth, love and friendship, self and peace at the age when they think life is the best and sexiest, and in Shanghai, the most beautiful and convenient city they think. Independent story. The show will be broadcast exclusively on iQiyi on August 18, 2020

Synopsis of Love Yourself

The story is set in the city of Shanghai, China which follows the story of 4 women in their 30s. They strive for growth, overcome career problems, freedom, and find the meaning of friendship as well as love. Sun Yi He (Victoria Song) is a TV producer. She is the type to work hard, fearless, and dare to face something. However, she is not smart in matters of love. Wang Xin Yi (Celina Jade) is a single mother and she works as a fitness instructor. A famous company executive Ren Ran (Frida Li), and cheerful girl Ding Ding (Karlina Zhang).

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The four good sisters are gradually entering the age of thirty years old. It seems that their lives are stable and everything is going well, but they are all trapped in their respective jobs. Sun Yihe dared to rush at work, but became lost in feelings after meeting Chen Nan. Ren Ran has outstanding talents, but falls in love with Li Youting, who always put her second. Ding Ding and Yang Sirui, the owner of the blind date, do not know each other. Single mother Wang Xinyi found herself seriously ill when hesitated in front of her relationship. With different emotions, the four women are confused and hesitant. Love or not, marriage or love, have made their lives stumbling. But in the end, they grew up in pain and continued to smile forward.

Ding Ding (Karlina Zhang) is an artist manager and it is her dream for her trainees to become the best known and best boy band in China. Ren Ran (Frida Li) is a company Executive. She has a view that is always rational and above all. But Ren Ran really needs love. She discovered the fact that the more she tried to hold onto it, the faster it disappeared. How can these four friends solve their career and love life problems?

Detail of Love Yourself

Title: Love Yourself

Title: 他 其实 没有 那么 爱 你 (He Actually Doesn't Love You That So)

Genre: Drama, Romance

Country: China

Filming location Shanghai

Director: Wang Guang Li

Producers: Li Li Ying, Shen Yan

Scriptwriter: Qin Wen, Xu Si Yao

Production: New Classics Media, iQIYI

TV channel: iQIYI

Number of Episodes: 36 Episodes

Length of Each Episode: 45 minutes

Broadcast period: 18 August 2020 - 24 September 2020

Showtimes: Tuesday - Thursday, 20:00 CST

Cast of Love Yourself

Victoria Song / Song Qian as Sun Yi He

Karlina Zhang / Zhang Jia Ning as Ding Ding

Celina Jade as Karen / Wang Xin Yi

Frida Li / Li Chun as Ren Ran Ryan

Zheng / Zheng Kai as Yu Tian

Tony Yang as Chen Nan

Shawn Huang as Wang Ma Ke

David Wang as Lu Hao

Wang Li Xin as Yang Si Rui

Han Tong Sheng as Ding Ao Yang

Shi An as Li You Ting

Xu Sheng as Zhou Xiuyuan

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