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Minor March (G 小调 进行曲) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

Minor March (G 小调 进行曲)  is a campus sweet pet inspirational drama directed by Kong Lida and Liu Ning, starring Hou Dong, Zeng Liyao, Zhu Hanyi, Sun Yiming, and Zhou Shiyuan.The series is adapted from the best-selling novel of the same name by Xiao Nizi. It is about a sweet and inspiring campus love song performed by the ordinary girl Park Qicai and the high cold piano prince Kwon Hee.

Minor March (G 小调 进行曲) is the newest Chinese drama to be broadcast starting August 25, 2020. This drama can be watched on Youku every Tuesday to Friday. Director Liu Ning has been a producer on the Chinese drama series Eternal Love and Ashes of Love. The drama series which will have 48 episodes. This Chinese Drama will be actress Zeng Li Yao's first debut in the lead role. She has starred in the dramas Dragon Day, You're Dead and Dragon Day, You're Dead Season 2. While Hou Dong previously starred in the Chinese drama The Sweet Girl.

Synopsis of Minor March

An ordinary girl, Pu Qicai (Zeng Li Yao), has 5 handsome brothers with the same surname (including adopted son and cousin) with their own characteristics and high popularity. She is an ordinary girl who have a unique personality and romance with a piano prince . The 5 older brothers they are Pu Zai Yu (Zhu Han Yi), Pu Zai Shang (Ray Liu), Pu Zai Gong (Yu Da Wei), Pu Zai Jiao (Sun Yi Jie) and Pu Zai Zheng (Zhao Yi Yan). All the men were young and handsome. 

Minor March chinese drama
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Because of this, Pu Qi Cai had become accustomed to handsome men. One day because of a cell phone, Pu Qi Cai bumps into Quan Xi Zheng (Hou Dong). He is a handsome young man and can do anything. But Quan Xi Zheng had sharp words and always annoyed Pu Qi Cai. The situation got worse when Pu Qi Cai couldn't beat him at his own game. This led Qicai's older brother to step in to help him. They finally found Quan Xi Zheng's weaknesses and were around a piece of music called "March in G minor". 

The kind-hearted Qicai is determined to help Hee Jung out of the haze and play the sunny "March in G minor" that belongs to two people. How about the next exciting story of Pu Qi Cai, who was helped by his brothers with Quan Xi Zheng? Will their fight turn into romantic love?

Detail of Minor March

Title: Minor March

Title: G 小调 进行曲 (March in G minor)

Year Production: 2018

Genre: Drama, Music, Romance, School

Country: China

Filming location: Hangzhou 

Directors: Kong Li Da, Liu Ning

Producer: Fang Guo Yuan

Scriptwriter: Xiao Nizi, Xu Zhen, Zhang Yu Jie, Liu Ya Nan

Production: Xiang Chi Film, Xing Chi Media, Chinese Wan Ying, Mai Lang Culture

TV channel: Youku

Number of Episodes: 48 Episodes

Broadcast period: 25 August 2020 - 23 September 2020

Showtimes: Tuesday - Friday, 12:00 CST

Cast of Minor March

Hou Dong as Quan Xi Zheng

Zeng Li Yao as Pu Qi Cai

Zhu Han Yi as Pu Zai Yu

Yu Da Wei as Pu Zai Gong

Liu Chengrui as Pu Zai Shang

Sun Yi Jie as Pu Zai Jiao

Zhao Yian as Pu Zai Zheng

Sun Yi Ming as Lin Yi Zhou

Shi Yuan as Che Yun

Xian Ji Yang as Kong

Jiao Na as Xi Zi Yi

Liu Yin Ran as Chen Shi Er

Chen Yan Li as He Yuan Zhu

Jiang Sheng Nan as Fang Chen

Dou Zhao as Yang Kong

Liu Mei Tong as Yao Yao


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