My Unicorn Girl (穿 盔甲 的 少女) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

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My Unicorn  Girl (穿 盔甲 的 少女) is the newest Chinese web drama genre Romance and Sports. The drama will air from August 23, 2020 on the online web channels iQiyi and Viki. The drama produced by the iQiyi production house with Straw Bears Film has 24 episodes. My Unicorn Girl was produced by the famous director Yu Zhong Zhong. Yu Zhong Zhong has worked on the Mandarin drama series No Secrets, My Girlfriend, and If Paris Downcast. 

The Chinese drama My Unicorn Girl stars Sebrina Chen, Darren Chen, Li Jiu Lin, Ao Zi Yi, Miranda Ma, Dai Ya Qi, and many more Sebrina Chen has starred in the drama Beauties in the Closet, while the handsome actor Darren Chen has played a drama Meteor Garden 2018 as Hua Ze Lei.

The series tells the story of a positive and sunny koi girl Sang Tian who accidentally met Wen Bing, a "prank boy" with facial blindness. The two people in Yuanjialu are slowly attracted by each other's diligent and motivated character, and finally they open up and join hands with their teammates. Work hard to successfully complete the story of the "hockey dream".

Synopsis of My Unicorn Girl

Sang Tian (Sebrina Chen) is a lovely girl. On her 18th birthday, she promised to be admitted to the figure skating team of Liuye University Sports College, her alma mater. Unexpectedly, she had been lucky, but she failed in the figure skating entrance exam, and she was hired in the ice hockey club exam by disguising herself as a man. Because the ice hockey club did not recruit girls, she had to change her name to "Sang Tian" and disguised herself as a man. I thought the plan was perfect, but the appearance of the "prank boy" Wen Bing (Darren Chen) made her brains out. 

My Unicorn Girl Synopsis
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The two formed a beam outside the school, but now they live in the same dormitory. After confronting each other again and again, the two in Yuanjialuzhai changed from disgusting each other to admiring each other. They worked hard with their teammates and won the college league championship. But Sang Tian's secret was eventually revealed, and she had to leave Liuye. At this time, there was good news that Liuye will recruit the first freshmen of women's ice hockey next year. Sang Tian rekindled hope, restored her appearance as a girl, put on armor, and started a brand new dream-catching journey with Wen Bing. 

In the process, their relationship becomes respectful for each other and struggles together to win the championship. Can they win the ice hockey league championship? Will Sang Tian be able to hide her identity from others?

Detail of My Unicorn Girl

Title: My Unicorn Girl

Chinese Title: 穿 盔甲 的 少女  (Girl in Armor)

Genre: Romance, Youth, Sports

Country: China

Director: Yu Zhong Zhong

Producer: Yang Bei, Feng Le

Scriptwriter: Fang Qiang Qiang, Fan Kan, Chen Xiao Xin, Chen Xin

Production: iQiyi, Straw Bears Film

TV channels: iQiyi, Viki

Number of Episodes: 24 Episodes

Broadcast Period: August 23, 2020

Showtimes: Sundays

Cast of My Unicorn Girl

Sebrina Chen / Chen Yao sebagai Sang Tian 

Darren Chen / Guan Hong sebagai Wen Bing

Li Jiu Lin sebagai Shen Wei Lian 

Miranda Ma / Ma Ze Han sebagai Meng Na 

Ao Zi Yi sebagai Sang Zhan 

Dai Ya Qi sebagai Fang Xiao 

Rou Ma Li sebagai Huang Haoran Hou 

Rui Qing sebagai Secretary Jin Rui Wei 

Hang Wang Xin 

Ting Zhang Yu Xi 

Vivian Sung 

Jason Hsu 

Sheren Tang 


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