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The Heiress (女 世子) Synospsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

The Heiress (女 世子) is a new Chinese web drama produced by Tencent Penguin Pictures. The show will be broadcast exclusively on Tencent Video on August 13, 2020.. It was worked on by director You Da Zhi who raised the genre Historical and Romance. Director You Da Zhi has worked on the Mandarin series Huang Fei Hong. The Heiress can be watched every Thursday and Friday at 19.00 CST. The drama, which will have 24 episodes, will present famous Chinese actor Jiang Chao together with actress Una You will be the main players. 

The series tells the story of Dingguo's eldest daughter Han Yuanniang disguised as a man to replace her twin brother Han Shiyi. A story about love and hatred occurred between the accident and the five princes. The eldest son of Dingguo passed away early. In order to stabilize the military power and ensure that the Han family army in the north would not be affected by the court, Dingguo’s eldest daughter Han Wonniang replaced the twin sister Han 11 as the eldest son of Dingguo. 

Jiang Chao previously starred in the Chinese dramas My Robot Boyfriend and The Fox's Summer. Meanwhile, Una You plays in the Mandarin Detective L series. Apart from them, this drama series also features Wang An Yu, Melody Tang, and Wu Yang. Melody Tang previously played the lead in the dramas Nice To Meet You and The Night of the Comet.

For those of you who want to download or watch streaming of The Heiress, you can go directly to the official website We TV. It is available in various languages ​​starting from English Sub, Thai, Chinese, and Indonesian.

The Heiress cast synopsis
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Synopsis of The Heiress

The story about Han Yuan Niang (Una You). She is the eldest daughter of a prime minister. But one day, she decided to disguise herself as a man. Han Yuan Niang pretends to be her twin sister and meets the prince until it finally triggers an unexpected romance between the two of them. When she was young, Pastor Dingguo's eldest daughter died. In order to maintain a balance in defense and military, they made sure that the Han family soldiers who were on the northern border of the country did not surrender to the Imperial court. 

Finally Han Yuan Niang replaced her twin sister as young master Han Shi Yi. In addition, she also deliberately created the image of the character Han Shi Yi who likes to play women. But accidentally, he actually met Chen Ting Yi (Jiang Chao). Han Yuan Niang was assigned to be the assistant of the fifth prince. Placed in the prince's camp, She tries to keep her true identity and is also involved in prince Chen Ting Yi's plan to ascend the throne.

Details of The Heiress

Title: The Heiress 

Chinese Title: 女 世子  (The Female Son)

Genre: Historical, Romance

Country: China

Director: You Da Zhi

Producer: Li Er Yun

Scriptwriter: Liu Si Si

Production: Tencent Penguin Pictures, The Next Stop Media

TV channels: Tencent Video, WeTV

Number of Episodes: 24 Episodes

Lengrh of Each Episode: 45 minutes

Broadcast period: 13 August 2020 - 27 September 2020

Showtimes: Thursday & Friday, 19:00 CST

Cast of The Heiress

Jiang Chao as Chen Ting Yi

Una You/ You Jing Ru as Han Yuan Niang/ Han Shi Yi

Melody Tang / Tang Meng Jia as Wang Xi Yuan

Wang An Yu as Wang Zhong

Yu Wu Yang as Chu Xiang

Yue Cao Li as Wang An Jian

Calvin Zheng as Chen Cheng Lan

Ji Mei Han as Jin Zi Sun

Sheng Hao as Hong'er

Ouyang Xiaoru as Yun'er Sun

Yi Ling Fei as Fan Fang

Xiao Li Cai as Ying Ying


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  1. I love this Chinese series.. Watching this while still lockdown here in MAnila PHILIPPINES... I hope there's still more episodes 😊😍😘

  2. Please we want to see more episodes
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