Us in Time (时光 里 的 我们) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Us in Time (时光 里 的 我们) is the latest Chinese web drama produced by iQiyi with the genre Romance and Friendship. The drama will air starting August 20, 2020 on Thursday. This Mandarin drama has 30 episodes and was worked on by director Bi Bao Shi. 

Us in Time (时光 里 的 我们) stars Mi Zhou, Liu Si Yi, Lyan Zhang, and Hao Peng Fe. Mi Zhou has starred in the dramas Years of Passion, The Patriot, and The Autumn Harvest Uprising. Meanwhile, his acting opponent Liu Si Yi is a newcomer actress. For Lyan Zhang previously starred in the Chinese drama My Dear Destiny as a concubine.

Synopsis of Us in Time

The story of a group of students from an arts academy who form a film association. They learn, play, live and grow together every day. Each of them has different traits and personalities, but all of them form an invincible team. 

Us in Time Chinese Drama
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Among them were an obedient man, the second generation of a rich family, an inspiring woman, a cowardly man, a fat man, and the figure of a beautiful woman. They support each other and become perfect friends.

Detail of Us In Time

Title: Us In Time

Chinese Title: 时光 里 的 我们 (Time For Us)

Other Title: 時光裡的我們 (Time And Light of Us)

Genre: Drama, Friendship, Romance, School

Country: China

Director: Bi Bao Shi

Producer: -

Screenwriter: -

Production: iQIYI

TV channel: iQIYI

Number of Episodes: 30 Episodes

Broadcast Period: August 20, 2020

Showtimes: Thursday

Cast of Us In Time

Mi Zhou / Zhou Ren Xing as Zhao Zi Long

Liu Si Yi as Du Peng

Lyan Zhang / Zhang Lan Yi as Liu Yi Ke

Hao Peng Fei as Li Chao


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