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What the character cast of Yeni Hayat (New Life) Series? Here are detail ....


Starring Serkan Çayoğlu, Nilperi Şahinkaya, Melisa Aslı Pamuk and Tayanç Ayaydın, Yeni Hayat (New Life) will begin broadcasting on Kanal D screens on Thursday, September 3, 2020 with the first episode of the series.


Yeni Hayat (New Life) Series Production: The series will be produced by Ömer Özgüner of Karga Seven Pictures and Ummu Burhan. The screenplay for the new life series will be written by Elif Usman, who also wrote the series Icerde (Inside) and Olene Kadar (Until Death). Cem Özduru and Başak Soysal will be the director of series.


Yeni Hayat (New Life) Plot Story: 

The new life series begins with the fact that adam, a captain in a burgundy beret, is a special bodyguard for the wife of dangerous businessman Timur after being forced to quit his beloved profession. Adam, who is married and has a child, falls in love with the woman he protects first nervously. In the new life series, when someone's got a matter of love, it's going to be revenge.  Read Also All Episode of Yeni Hayat (New Life)

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Character Cast of Yeni Hayat (New Life)

Adem Şahin (Serkan Çayoğlu) 

Adem is a former captain of burgundy. After leaving TSK, he and his wife Nevin and their young daughter Ece had a hard time; But in the end Adam has found a job for himself. Adem, a successful strong man, will protect Yasemin, wife of rich businessman Timur; However, Adam will realize that he is in love with Jasmine and will want to leave everything behind and walk away with his family, but the secret he learns when he intends to make a decision and leave will change everything.


Nevin Sahin (Nilperi Şahinkaya)

Nevin is Adam's wife. The good is a beautiful woman and a sane woman. However, when Adam was unemployed, the financial difficulties changed Nevin and made him an ambitious person. Nevin, who falls madly in love with Adam, is jealous of her husband from Jasmine at first sight, but endures for money. When Jasmine sees the money she does not see in Adam's new job, she suddenly becomes unrecognizable and with the self-confidence of wealth. Nevin becomes a different person by nevin adam's deception.

Yasemin Karatan (Melisa Aslı Pamuk)

Yasemin is the second wife of Timur, a famous and dark businessman. The enemies killed Timur's first wife; Timur hired Adam to protect his wife, Jasmine.  While Adam is tasked with protecting Jasmine, he will fall in love with Jasmine by falling into Jasmine's allure. Jasmine hates Adam first, but later she'll know she's in love with her.   Jasmine is actually a woman from the lower class and skipped the class by marrying Timur and saw wealth; Although Jasmine is in love with wealth, he soon realized that he had done it wrong, but Timur never let him go. Timur falls in love with Jasmine at the level of obsession; However, there is no feeling against Timur in Jasmine.

Timur Karatan (Tayanç Ayaydın)

Timur is a strong, dark and dangerous businessman. From the outside, hotels seem like a businessman with fleets of ships, but they make money from illegal jobs. His first wife, whose daughter Gokce is also his mother, was killed by his enemies.  Timur, who married Jasmine, tries to hold her with fear, even though she is sure jasmine can't really love her. When Jasmine received death threats, korka Timur did not want to take risks for her young lover, and she kept close protection except for her own protection; However, it will be revealed how dangerous Timur can be when he finds out that Adam has an affair with his wife, Jasmine. 

Ece Sahin (Nisa Sofiya Aksongur)

Nisa Sofiya Aksongur will appear on screens as Ece, daughter of Adam and Nevin, in The New Life series. In the new life series, Ece is an 8-year-old beautiful girl in her right mind. Ece lived without seeing her when her father was a soldier; Now he's a very fond girl to her father, and she can't sleep without her father. Mother Nevin favors authority and discipline as she approaches with love for her father, Adam Ece.

Bekir Tosun (Aziz Caner Inan)

He is the right-hand man of Bekir Timur in The New Life series. Bekir runs to every of Timur's work without asking and relates to every word. Bekir studied in Harbiye with Adam, but left the military school when he realized that military service and discipline were not for him; but they have never lost touch with Adam. 

Fatma Karagöz (Begum Akkaya)

Fatma is Fatih's girl fell in love. Fatma is in love with Fatih and now wants to get rid of this poor neighborhood. 

Gökçe Karatan (Ipek Filiz Yazici)

Gökçe Timur's rich and mind-thinking air is also his daughter. Gokce thinks that the world revolves around itself with the confidence given by the money. With Adam coming to their house and protecting Jasmine, Gökçe attaches the hook to Adam and tries to have it; It doesn't matter to him that Adam is married; He believes in freedom, but he doesn't know the line between freedom and immorality. Jasmine tries to keep Gokce away from Adam, but he falls in love with Adam. 

Kunduzi (Nebil Sayın)

Kunduzi is a money-hunting man. All he cares about is threatening Timur's wife, Jasmine, and blackmailing him from Timur. Although Kunduzi's threats did not initially attract Timur's attention, it is understood that Kunduzi is a dangerous man, and timur will take precautions with Adam and Kunduzi.

Özgür Haseki (Devrim Nas)

He is the wife of the free Berna, Timur's closest man and right-hand man. Although he has a good life with the support of Ozgur Timur, an ambitious man, he doesn't know how to settle for a few.  He plans to be as strong as Ozgur Timur, who is high in his eye, and ignores even Timur if necessary for this goal.

Berna Soydan Haseki (Övül Özbay)

Berna, ozgur's wife, is a beautiful woman. He also loves Ozgur; and very fond of money.

Fatih Yılmaz (Furkan Kalabalık)

Fatih is the chauffeur of Yasemin. He knows Jasmine from the old neighborhood; He hired Jasmine, too. He's a clean-hearted, honest and trustworthy young man. She's in love with a girl from her neighborhood called Fatma. 

Melehat (Seher Terzi)

Nesibe Toprak (Ayse Tunaboylu)

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