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Dearest, Where Are You (亲爱 的) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

Dearest, Where Are You (亲爱 的) is a Chinese drama produced by the production house Central Motion Pictures Corporation. This drama airs from September 15, 2020.

The drama that raised the Romance and Family genres has 41 episodes. Dearest, Where Are You can be watched on BTV every Monday to Sunday at 19.30 pm. The drama was directed by PD Wang Ying and writer Zhu Jin Chen. Director Wang Ying has worked on the Chinese dramas Les Interprètes, In Youth, and Still Not Enough.

The Chinese drama Dearest, Where Are You stars Wang Lei, Amanda Qin, Zhang Duo, Han Tong Sheng, and others. Actor Wang Lei has played in the drama series Face to Sea, The King Of Land Battle, and Frontier of Love. Amanda Qin last starred in Homeland. Meanwhile, senior actor Han Tong Sheng also played in the Chinese Drama Love Yourself.

Synopsis of Dearest, Where Are You

A touching story about a couple looking for their child. After living together for more than 8 years, a husband and wife do not seem to be happy anymore in their marriage.

dearest, where are you
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One day their daughter disappeared and they both tried to find her again. The pair are Ding Yu (Wang Lei) and He Xue Lin (Amanda Qin). On the verge of household collapse, the situation got even worse when their daughter Yuan Yuan (Zhang Xiwei) chose to run away. Yuan-yuan learned that his parents wanted a divorce and took the decision.

There will be many obstacles and things that remind Ding Yu and He Xue Lin's relationship. After going through many trials together, finally their daughter returns and they become parents who are more responsible and understand love more deeply.

Detail of Dearest, Where Are You

Title: Dearest, Where Are You

Title: 亲爱 的 , 你 在 哪里 (Darling Where Are You)

Genre: Romance, Drama, Family

Country: China

Director: Wang Ying

Producer: Yuan Lunbin

Screenwriter: Zhu Jin Chen

Production: Central Motion Pictures Corporation, Tencent Pictures,

TV channels: BTV (Beijing TV)

Number of Episodes: 41 Episodes

Broadcast period: September 15, 2020 - October 16, 2020

Showtimes: Monday - Sunday, 19:30 CST

Cast of Dearest, Where Are You

Wang Lei as Ding Yu

Amanda Qin (Qin Hai Lu) as He Xue Lin

Zhang Duo as Chen Sheng Liang

Han Tong Sheng as Ding Zhong Yi

Yang Kun as Qian Bi Zhu

Zhu Yin as Jiang Shu Qin

Wang Yan Zhi as Ding Yan Zi

Song Han Yu as Fan Jue

Fan Ming as Hong Gui Fa

Zhang Xiwei as Ding Yuanyuan / Qin Xiaofu

Meng Xiu as An Ning

Mu Liyan as Guo Fenglian

Che Ziming as Heizi

Xiao Yanbo as Xiao Wang

Liang Jiatong as Qin Huanxi


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