Episode 11 Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong): Turkish Drama

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Has the new 11st episode trailer of Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong) has arrived! In the last episode Ozgur apologizes to Ezgi!

There's a new trailer from Episode 10 of Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong). Ozgur's pride in falling into the trilogy and then apologizing to Ezgi and admitting that he loved the trailer was the most remarkable details.

In the series, the flame between Ozgur and Ezgi is growing. In the trailer for Episode 11, Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong) stirred a stir in the confession of longing and love between the two.

What happen in the last episode?
Ezgi and Ozgur begin to be together despite all the opposition. Ezgi and Ozgur are unaware of their mother's fighting while they're having their love. Mothers can't explain their relationship swellly for each other. Nevin pushes Ezgi to leave both home and work as soon as possible. Ezgi's birthday, meanwhile, is close. Ozgur prepares a special night for Ezgi, while Serdar organizes a birthday attended by Ezgi's family and friends. Ezgi inadvertently finds himself at a party organized by Serdar ....

Bay Yanlis Episode 11
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Ezgi takes her breath away in Bursa after all the disappointments she experienced. Nevin and Unal question this state of Ezgi. Although Ezgi hides her experiences with Ozgur, everything is revealed when Ozgur comes to Bursa. Ozgur's apology doesn't change anything. It was very sad for Ozgur not to trust her. As Ozgur is left alone, he misses Ezgi even more and understands how much he falls in love with her. This situation activates Ozan. Cansu and Deniz are also upset and regretted for mistreating Ezgi. They also try to unite with Ozan and bring Ezgi and Ozgur together. Let's see if this plan is enough for the two of them to make up.

Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong) Episode 11 Trailer

Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong) Episode 11 Summary
Ezgi was very moved by the surprise of Ozgur. All resentment of Ozgur will pass. In the process, they both understood better how much they cared about each other. They open a new page in their relationship, no more lies. That's why they decide to tell their parents they're together. 

Nevin accepts this relationship, though she does not want it very much, and Sevim does not want Ezgi and Ozgur to be together. Ezgi performs her first event at the organization company where she is employed, and a surprise awaits her at this event. Serdar, meanwhile, moves again to get Ezgi, but when he learns that Ozgur and Ezgi are together, he is disappointed and makes him even more ambitious.

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