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Episode 12 Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong): Turkish Drama

Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong) is the surprise that touched in episiode 11! Has the trailer for episode 12 arrived? Here are detail ....

The 11th episode of Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong) came to screens last night. Ezgi is very emotional in the face of Ozgur's surprise and resentments are falling behind. Here are the highlights from the 11th episode and details on the trailer and summary for episode 12...

Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong) met with the audience with his last 11th episode, and the romantic moments drew attention. In Episode 11; Ezgi and Ozgur understand how much they value each other better.

bay yanlis episode 12
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What happen in the last episode?

Bay Tolga Gürdag, who is a cousin of Ozgur will stand out with his ambitious, obsessive and political attitudes. What happened is an interesting thing. Ezgi was very moved by the surprise of Ozgur. All resentment of Ozgur will pass. In the process, they both understood better how much they cared about each other. They open a new page in their relationship, no more lies. That's why they decide to tell their parents they're together. Nevin accepts this relationship, though he does not want it very much, and Sevim does not want Ezgi and Ozgur to be together. 

Ezgi performs her first event at the organization company where he is employed, and a surprise awaits him at this event. Serdar, meanwhile, moves again to get Ezgi, but when he learns that Ozgur and Ezgi are together, he is disappointed and makes her even more ambitious.

Bay Yanlış Episode 12 Trailer

Bay Yanlış Episode 12 Summary

Learning that Tolga is Ezgi's boss, Ozgur goes mad. Ezgi's going to quit right away. But he won't be comfortable until he gets Tolga La Gabbia, and with the support of Gizem, he has already made plans to put Ezgi in a difficult position. He takes advantage of Ozgur's weakness for Ezgi. When it comes to Ezgi, it becomes more difficult to decide for Ozgur in the face of Tolga's wishes. 

In the meantime, Ozgur takes care of the new space and inaugurates it. Against all challenges, the most important thing for Ozgur and Ezgi is their love for each other. But Tolga and Serdar have no intention of leaving them alone.

Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong) is on FOX on Friday at 08 P.M. with the new episode! Read Also All Episode of Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong)

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