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Episode 2 Yeni Hayat (New Life): Trailer And Summary

The new 2nd episode trailer of Yeni Hayat (New Life) been released! Will the threatening man kidnap Adam's daughter? Will Adam be able to protect his daughter from this danger?

Yeni Hayat (New Life) series is being investigated by the actors and the audience. The new series will be screened every week on Kanal D screens on Thursday evenings. Serkan Çayoğlu Adem Şahin, Melisa Aslı Pamuk gives Life to Yasemin Karatan, Tayanç Ayaydın, Timur Karatan, Nilperi Şahinkaya Nevin Şahin, Nebil Kunduzi, Devrim Nas, and Ozgur Haseki in the new life series. Here's Yeni Hayat (New Life) series episode 2 trailer and summary.

Yeni Hayat (New Life) series has taken its place among the actors and the productions that stand out with its subject matter. Elif Usman wrote the general story, directed by Başak Soysal and Cem Özduru, and the cast of the series has ambitious names.

Yeni Hayat (New Life), the new series of Kanal D screens, meets its audience on September 3rd. While the first episode trailers for the series come to the screens, you can also find the details of all the episodes to be released on our site. With the trailer, we answer all your questions about what will happen in episode 1, what is the subject of the series.   

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Yeni Hayat (New Life) Cast

In addition to Serkan Çayoğlu and Melisa Aslı Pamuk, the cast of the new life series are Tayanç Ayaydın, Nilperi Şahinkaya, Ozgur Haseki, İpek Filiz Yazici, Nisa Sofiya Aksongur, Devrim Nas, Aziz Caner Inan, Nebil Sayın, Ayşe Tunaboylu, Begum Akkaya, Adem Şahin Furkan Kalabalik, Övül Özbay and Seher Terzi.

Yeni Hayat (New Life) Plot Story

As we tell of the conflict between two different families, the series about a love story that grew in the middle of this conflict. Captain Adam, who has left the Special Forces, lives a happy life with his wife, Nevin, and their young daughter Ece. The only problem is that Adam has been unemployed for a long time. With the work found by his close friend Bekir, the doors of a new life are opened to the family. All Adam has to do is protect Yasemin, the young wife of Timur, a rich and respected businessman. After all the dangerous operations he's been involved in for Adam, it's almost like a piece of cake.

Nevin, on the other hand, is happy that they will finally be comfortable. With Adam accepting his job offer, he and his family enter a whole new world where they are strangers. However, nothing is what it seems in this world, full of timur's dark world and the secrets that Jasmine keeps. Adam will face the biggest test of her life among these different women, whose family on the one hand is obliged to protect her family on the other.

Yeni Hayat (New Life) Episode 2 Trailer:

Adam's daughter's life is in danger!. Adam, who is yasemin's bodyguard, faces great danger. The man Timur Karatan negotiated threatens Adam with his daughter. Adam, on the other hand, is starting to suspect what Jasmine said. He's trying to find a connection to the Karatan family and Jasmine.

Yeni Hayat (New Life) Episode 2 Summary

The biggest obstacle to Jasmine's escape plan is Adam. Adam is approaching solving Jasmine's abduction plan to get rid of Timur step by step. This causes Jasmine to make mistakes and make the wrong decisions. Timur's oppressive attitude adds to them, and Jasmine begins to feel trapped in a corner.

On the other hand, Nevin began to ask questions about Adam and his new work. While thinking they would be financially comfortable, this new business began to become jealous of her husband.  As time goes on, the biggest obstacle in Jasmine's escape plan becomes Adam. In order to eliminate this obstacle, Kunduz sends Adam a message with his daughter Ece. At the end of everything, Jasmine's move will lead Adam and her to a new path.

Yeni Hayat (New Life) is on Kanal D on Thursday evening with a new episode!

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