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Episode 3 Yarım Kalan Aşklar (Unfinished Love)

When will Episode 3 of Yarım Kalan Aşklar (Unfinished Love) air? Here are detail ....

When will Yarım Kalan Aşklar (Unfinished Love) 3rd  episode be released, the date of publication, when it will be released, which day will be broadcast, the subject, the cast, characters, comments, review, trailer, watch will be here.

BluTV's first special production of the new season, 'Yarım Kalan Aşklar (Unfinished Love)', which attracted attention with its storyline, cast and different promotions, received full marks from viewers. The series, produced by Timur Savcı and Burak Sagyaşar, was produced by TIMS&B Productions, which was broadcast on September 10, while BluTV topped the most-watched list last week!

BluTV's remarkable latest project 'Yarım Kalan Aşklar (Unfinished Love)', one of Turkey's leading digital platforms, which has been acclaimed for its special productions, went on air with its first episode on Thursday (September 10th). With its release, the series, which has received praise on social media on many issues, including its story, production and acting, peaked among the most watched productions since it was released on BluTV.

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Blu TV's new Turkish Series Yarım Kalan Aşklar (Unfinished Love) met its audience with its 2nd episode on September 17, 2020. Blu TV, which started the season with its new series, is known to broadcast its original content as 1 episode per week. So when will Episode 3 of the series air?

Episode 3 of Yarım Kalan Aşklar

"What would you do if you came back to earth in the body of your own killer?"

The preview scene, which aired before the eagerly anticipated second episode of Yarım Kalan Aşklar (Unfinished Love), is intriguing about how to combat the strange events that have happened to Burak Deniz, who is talked about a lot with the character 'Kadir Bilmez'.

Burak Deniz, Dilan Cicek Deniz, Cem Davran and Ezel Akay, as well as Esra Ruşan, Nazlı Bulum, Jihad Cavalryoglu and Gizem Ünsal together 'Unfinished Loves' brings excitement to the climax with action and mystery scenes, while touching the heart of the audience with a love story that we are not accustomed to.

After the mysterious death of successful and curious journalist Ozan (Tolga Saritaş), the irresponsible commissioner of an eventful murder office Kadir (Burak Deniz) wakes up in the body of Kadir 'Unfinished Loves', Kadir's body ozan finds himself in the middle of many successive misfortunes before he can get used to the absurdity of what happened to him. Ozan 'Kadir's body, the journalist 'Elif' (Dilan Cicek Deniz) together with the covered truths on the one hand while going after the truth will seek ways to reunite with his love!

The script of the series, which brings together action, love, mystery and comedy, is signed by Ethem Özışık, Hakan Bonomo and Ercan Ugur, while this different story meets umur Turagay's director. Viewers will find themselves on a journey full of surprises, a transcendent transcendent exam will be given 'Unfinished Loves' exciting 3rd episode today at 19.00 only BluTV... The third episode of the series will air on Thursday, September 24, 2020.

Yarım Kalan Aşklar Plot Story

The subject of the series is the idealistic journalist Ozan, who is about to marry Elif, a journalist like himself. Known for his daredevil journalism, Ozan is after a mysterious and difficult story. The happy picture in the life of the duo, who love each other insanely, ends with a terrible event: Ozan dies in a car accident. However, Ozan finds his lost life again in a new body. Ozan, who came back to life with another body, has two challenging tasks in front of her: to find out who killed him and to tell Elif all the facts.

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